Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tree's Gone

Thankfully, the famous or infamous tree is no more.  At least not in its stand up state. We have its logs all over the place, drying for another year's use in the fireplace.  The large trunk was cut into 'circle's and with a lot of sweat and effort rolled to the north of the garage.  Every night after work, Robert would work for 1-2 hours, cutting up the logs.  He noticed when he got to the main truck and lower pieces that they had already begun to rot through. So yes, indeed, the tree had to come down.  On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we had 80 degree temps and sun, sun, sun.

Then yesterday the beginning of what is being termed Frankenstorm began its trek. There's a hurricane Sandy barrelling up the east coast...and the snow storm from the west.  If the spaghetti models are correct, they should converge over us.

At noon, Jeremy Thompson and his daughter, Devonie, came by to help Robert.  How Devonie stayed outside that long is beyond me.  It was too cold for me but as my mother-in-law called me, I am a panty-waist.  I don't do outside well at all...and in wet and cold?  Not at all (and yes, our roof is STILL leaking...grrrrrr).
Robert came in at one point and told me that when they were done with a project I'd have to come out and see it. So when they got done, I raced out in the wind and this is what Jeremy did with the stump.  If you look closely, you will see RH + SH.

I was thrilled.  Immediately I reckoned back to Little House On the Prarie, when Pa made the mantel over their fireplace and on either side of the front of the mantel he carved their initials...CI and CI.  Just how sweet is this.  Jeremy is an artist, and he finished up the edges.
When we had admired it totally, Jeremy offered to carve in an infinity sign in the lower edge.  Perfect since infinity and eternal mean the same.  I LOVE IT.
  It really was kind of Jeremy to come by..he is a whippersnapper, younger than Robert.  I've worried about Robert doing all this hard work all these weeks (as you've read previously).  And he's gotten more tired as each day finishes.  Devonie was so sweet and helped Robert bag up the sawdust and twigs.  We are now done for the season .  It is obvious the other tree near the mailbox  will be coming down next year.  But for now, we will continue to winterize the yard, protect the glider and patio table/chairs.  We have plenty of wood for this winter (and future ones) and now I just need to learn how to make a fire.  Where are those Pie Irons?


Lin Floyd said...

how sweet I always wanted my initials in a tree but it never happened...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's awesome! Great job to Romeo!

LeAnn said...

We lived in Washington and we had a lot of Ponderosa trees. One year we had a very bad storm and had one of the trees some down near our home. We decided to take down about 30 of our trees. The worst was the needles from the trees. We took out bag fulls each year. Taking down trees is not an easy task and we had to have help with ours.
I loved that he carved your initials in the three trunk, way sweet.
I do hope you will be safe from the storm.

Dawn Mercedes said...! wonder what the corner looks like without all that tree!

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