Monday, October 29, 2012

Powerful Jack

Dawn Skyped me this review of a talk she heard yesterday in church.  It's so worth remembering so I blog it here:

we had a great talk from this boy who befriendeed con and brought him into the other Sun. School classroom a efw weeks ago
[7:19:44 AM] Dawn Barrett: His name is Jack
[7:19:47 AM] susan hatch: nice
[7:19:57 AM] Dawn Barrett: so, he tells about that talk from Pres. Monson about being in the army
[7:20:04 AM] Dawn Barrett: and one sunday, they are all at attention
[7:20:07 AM] Dawn Barrett: do you rememeber this?
[7:20:14 AM] susan hatch: nope
[7:20:38 AM] Dawn Barrett: and the sargent in command tells all the catholics to fall out and go to mass at such and such a place...don't come back to 1500 hours
[7:20:43 AM] Dawn Barrett: a big lot of men go
[7:20:52 AM] Dawn Barrett: then, he calls for the jews and dismisses them, same orders
[7:20:55 AM] Dawn Barrett: then the protestants
[7:21:06 AM] Dawn Barrett: By then, Monson thought he was all alone
[7:21:08 AM] Dawn Barrett: at attention
[7:21:18 AM] Dawn Barrett: and so then teh sargent barks the question what do you call yourself...
[7:21:40 AM] Dawn Barrett: and there were actually a few men still there...and they all responsed, nearly in unsion, that they were mormons
[7:21:58 AM] Dawn Barrett: and Monson said he had no idea that there were others on that field or in his company
[7:22:02 AM] Dawn Barrett: and it's was wonder, etc, etc

[7:22:23 AM] Dawn Barrett: then Jack told us this terribly sweet story
[7:22:31 AM] Dawn Barrett: now, they just moved in about a year ago, just before school started
[7:22:36 AM] Dawn Barrett: and he was a Freshman last year
[7:23:01 AM] Dawn Barrett: so, he was at the lunch table with all these freshmen friends...and a senior comes up to them, asks if he can sit with them. The freshmen boys say yes
[7:23:26 AM] Dawn Barrett: all of the sudden, the senior says, while dropping explictives, that he can't believe that he's sittin with freshman."
[7:23:40 AM] Dawn Barrett: jack is shocked...looked around..then calmly asked the senior not to swear around him
[7:23:57 AM] Dawn Barrett: the boy said okay I guess and a few minutes later...says the same dirty line about sitting with freshman
[7:24:43 AM] Dawn Barrett: Jack again , after probably one of those eternal pauses, says "could you not swear around me?"  I think the boy says no or something. And Jack says if you don't stop swearing, I'm going to leave the table. So, the boy swears again or he says he won't stop
[7:24:55 AM] Dawn Barrett: and Jack picks up his lunch and goes to an empty table and sits down and starts to eat
[7:25:00 AM] Dawn Barrett: alone

[7:25:25 AM] Dawn Barrett: and then, all of the sudden, he realizes that all his friends left that original table
[7:25:28 AM] Dawn Barrett: and they were all sitting there
[7:25:33 AM] Dawn Barrett: they left the senior kid
[7:25:38 AM] Dawn Barrett: and no one said anything
[7:25:42 AM] Dawn Barrett: and no one has ever said anything
[7:25:51 AM] Dawn Barrett: but jack was happy to have that companionship
[7:26:07 AM] Dawn Barrett: and he said...even if my friends didn't come join me, sometimes you just have the Lord and Holy Ghost at your side
[7:26:12 AM] Dawn Barrett: and everyone was crying

[7:26:15 AM] Dawn Barrett: Jack was crying
[7:26:18 AM] Dawn Barrett: it was really sweet

I think I needed to hear this story today.  For many reasons.  Having enjoyed TOFW by live streaming, I have been moved by the ability some people have to forgive simply horrible moments and horrible people; how the little things we do can create huge ripple effects for good; and I wonder what I can do better to provide a better world around me.

All too often, I think our own fears or our own selfishness gets in our way.  Sometimes when I have stood up for what's right, I have not had the good experience Jack had. And for a time I might think protecting myself is the best thing to do.  Eventually I come out of that and know that even alone with the Lord is better, no matter what else happens.

Jocelyn posted on FB a CNN video of a mentally challenged girl who was bullied at school until her mom contacted a family friend, the football QB, for help.  But this young man didn't do it alone; he rallied the whole team.  And now the young girl has a better year and a better outlook of school.  Oh if only.............everyone could have such defenders, be such defenders.

It was a great weekend.


Lin Floyd said...

yes, there are bullies everywhere-even in families...

Dawn Mercedes said...

ack!! someone needs to fix all those typos! now everyone knows we type and chatter away without thinking of the fingering/spelling. But was the most delightful talk!! and honestly, there were a lot of sniffles in the congregation!

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