Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

This was an incredibly horrible storm. Satellite picture taken before landfall...and you can see us there along Lake Erie already taking the first hit that lasted for over a day!
 It isn't often that we in Ohio get to comment about suffering through and recovering from a hurricane but that was the case.  Sandy was HUGE and we felt her before she made landfall on the Jersey Shores.  The winds were terrible yesterday.  By last night it was worse. Three sections of Daphne Fredrick's (next to 809) fence blew down and Robert went down to help her remove one and shore of the other 2.

We had a scheduled book club at Linda Bruderer's nursing home (Bad Guys of the BM) and it ended up only Jan Warren and I braved the night to attend (hopefully Linda will be able to return home in 2 weeks, she's been there about 8 weeks).  We passed St. Anthony's in Lorain and were stunned to see the roof over the school peeled back and off like a sardine can.  But we were glad to return home safely.

Sleeping upstairs in the bedroom was horrible.  It was LOUD!  The wind gusts coming off Lake Erie was reaching 75 mph.  Some reports had it at 80 mph.  No wonder it was so loud.  Trees were bending and weaving.  We tried but eventually Robert and I slept in the basement (our Niko was confused but happy to be without the noise.  he hasn't relished the idea of going 'out' and has found a sort of sheltered area).  We had our candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, TRANSISTOR RADIO (can you dig it?) ready (it also receives TV stations and was very cheap back in the day so I am sure it's even cheaper now).  About 2am Robert awoke to "check his makeup" and that's how we learned there was no power.  We have one of those (again not expensive, I bought it as an afterthought for an additional Christmas gift for Robert last year) flashlights that is always plugged into the wall. When the electricity does go off, on comes the flashlight with these 4 LED lights...and it was plugged in at the main floor bathroom.  Shortly thereafter, we heard the beep of the backup battery for the sump pump so we know that needs to be replaced tonight.  But so far, the basement has remained dry.

We had a romantic candlelight breakfast before Robert left for an early call to work at 4am.  He had already lit the kerosene heater for me and Niko.  I was still in the basement waiting to hear a very short shower turn off (it had to have been so cold) when suddenly I smelled a funny odor.  Raced upstairs but was delighted to realize Robert was surprising me with a lit kerosene heater in the family room.  He had tried to make a fire yesterday in the fireplace but the downdraft was so fierce that no fire could be lit. (does that remind anyone of the BM account of no fire being able to be made, no light...hmmm...wonder!)

 Here is Breezy Point, Queens, NY...can't be too far from where Marissa and Hank used to live.  80-100 houses were burned or destroyed by the flood waters.

Saddest perhaps is the demise of the HMS Bounty, a restored Tall Ship which lost power and took on water. 14 sailors escaped in a lifeboard and had to be rescued by helicopter. One woman sailor lost her life and the captain has not been found yet.

How peaceful and serene this picture looks, doesn't it? With a graceful swam floating along a flooded street.  How sad it was not!

Robert had to leave for work 2 hours early today. Just before he left, the doorbell sounded.  He went out to look but saw no one.  I thought perhaps the power was trying to turn on.   I took the flashlight up with me to the bathroom and just naturally flipped the switch, and in about 10 seconds I realized I didn't need the flashlight...that the lights were back on.5 minutes after he left for work, the power was restored. And we are grateful. 

As far as I can see, no damage to the yard.  Some limbs are down from other people's trees but we are fine. Robert said getting to work posed no problems.

I am horrified at the destruction that's occurred on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City as well as the Jersey Shores where Sandy made landfall.  But as I think about it, it seems par for the course, such as New Orleans.  I've been glued to the TV but finally decided I've seen enough.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Think what might have happened had you not have taken down that tree in your front yard! Could have spelled disaster! Tender mercy!!

LeAnn said...

Wow, what a destructive storm. We have been watching the TV for information. I am so glad you both safe.
We lived in Spokane Washington for 17 years and there was a firestorm in our area.We were evacuated for 2 days. It was scary. The fires were so random. They would skip a house and then hope over two houses and then get the next one.
We then had a Ice Storm. It took down about 15 Ponderosa Pine trees on our property. Later we took out more. When the trees would fall it caused a sound like bomb going off. We were without power for about 3 days. It has made us realize we must continually be prepared for these kinds of disasters.
Again, I am happy you are OK and have not damages.

Lin Floyd said...

I agree with jocelyn-you got your rotted tree down just in time...glad you are okay!

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