Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy October 2012...Paradise Style

As Hurricane Sandy violates the east coast, we here in Sheffield Lake, along the shores of Lake Erie are experiencing some heavy winds and rain and Sandy hasn't even made it to shores.  Because I love GREY days (despite the fact most people hate them), I took a drive to BHS to pick up some certificates I need to calligraphy for the Athletic Department and decided to stop along our boat launch and snap some pictures.  It's crazy nice out there...very cold, too.

I went out and made sure all the special flower pots were stored in the shed.  If I could I would have secured the patio table and glider which i wanted brought in but was overruled.  I have candles and matches set out, flashlights at the ready.  We have plenty of water, ready food, wood for the fireplace, gas for the generator.  I think we need a full canister of whatever the gas is for the grill.  A nice way to cook if the utilities are out.

So we are all set....but still praying the Lord abates the worst of this storm for all people. Especially Marissa and Jocelyn who are both due to deliver grandbabies.  But sometimes these storms are sent as a reminder, a call for a turning back.  Oh, if only we would heed the warnings.


Lin Floyd said...

It sounds scary, hope everyone is safe...preparation helps!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Nice pix...even if it is windy!

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