Tuesday, October 02, 2012


It's still amazing how I suddenly realize it's fall and wonder how much faster a year can go.  Nothing too new to report altho we've done a lot of things.  Above you will see a HUGE (and I promise you, HUGE doesn't begin to describe) mum plant.  A year ago we were in Columbus to meet our new grandson Robert and picked up this plant.  It was large, yes, but nothing like how it became.  Naturally we picked scarlet in color because, after all, I am OH-IO.  We are totally amazed at how well it took and how happy it was to be in Paradise with us.  When the flower buds started to form, I had to totally convince my Robert that he had to prune it back so that later, MORE buds would appear, the stems would be stronger and we'd have quite the plant.  Truly, it took some convincing but he did it (he would  have or I would have).  And now look...tada!  Amazing.

Before I forget, look at beautiful Miss Autumn...Jocelyn shared this with me yesterday.  You'd think she was at a photoshoot where a big fan is blowing her hair, wouldn't you?
Photo: my darling and beautiful  granddaughter.

We went down to Columbus a couple weeks ago to celebrate Baby Robert's first birthday.
Here are the 3 'Roberts' in different forms this year.  And btw, check out Jordan's hair...as I always wanted it to be...long.

Here are the 3 'Roberts' again...1 year ago.

 I think he enjoyed but perhaps was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention he was getting.  Jordan and Hillary throw some very good parties.  I do know Rob really understood eating a cake!  His cake!  Nice spread, too.  I love how Jordan smokes his meat.  We have bought smoked pork from a friend up here but I think Jordan watches it, manages it differently.  I think from now on, I'll pay Jordan to smoke me some and then I can just pull it myself and freeze it.  It's always fun to be with family.  Robert, unexpectedly had to work that day but luckily for me (I so did not want to drive down and back to Cbus alone), I could pick him up at work and drive down as he napped.  I just feel safer having someone else in the car with me. When I do have to go somewhere alone, I always call and chat with Dawn who is good company when I'm alone.

Robert had a vacation week last month and we just mainly started winterizing the garden. Well, OK..he did.  I still am not too fond of the outdoors.  But we did manage to get to the temple and stopped in to see Jordan and Hillary and they invited us to stay the night....which we could do, on the spur of the moment, because M2T2 were at our house and could watch Niko for us.  It was a lovely time and we ended it by having breakfast at this very cool French place.  I HAVE to go back there...what was it called?  Something like Mimi's Cafe...here's Lily feeding Rob:Photo: Lily feeds Robert.  So sweet, these two

And another wee one, Henry, turned 2 in September. Because their home wasn't yet ready for company they kindly asked to party here, Just us, no one else.  But yummy treats.  Hank told Henry he could have a Happy Meal which did not make Marissa jump for joy, but I love Happy Meals.  But where did my pictures go?

Robert got a new pair of glasses.  This is Day 1 and I really thought these were twins when I saw the box:

 We had a water spout over Lake Erie, right in our own Paradise. This was taken on Sunday while I was at church but my friend, Pam, got a good snapshot of it right by the boat ramp. So very cool!

And lastly, I had my good friend and photog come by one morning just after 7am and she took these amazing photos of Robert for me.  I wanted to have a nice collection for my Sexiest Man of My Life memories...eat your heart out People Magazine.  They were all so amazing as is Robert and Teri Stencil, the photog.  Anyone local reading this?  Give Teri a call...she does amazing work!

 Time never has seemed to change him, except for his silver hair.

 Here he is with his Beehive...and he has always been, always is, and I am sure always will be as industrious as the Deseret.
 These last 2 were taken on OUR beach...a beach just across the street from our home, and one we've always claimed as OURS.  He taught the kids to swim in Lake Erie and they learned to keep it clean, build great bonfires, go there for 'centering', and just the best place in all the world.  So it's only appropriate that Robert has some pix here.

So it's been a great few weeks since I've written.  I have had lots of thoughts run through my head but I guess I just need to remember to blog about them when they are fresh and not wait a month or more.


Dawn Mercedes said...

love the pix of papa best!

Lin Floyd said...

you've been missed in blogland-love your family photos!

LeAnn said...

A fun post with great pictures. The pictures of the three Roberts were awesome. Your little grandson is so cute. Loved the pictures of your Man; how about the ones of you.

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