Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some days are the pits...and then a sun shine comes

It's been more then exasperating to say how I feel about things.  After a hail storm with heavy damage we were blessed with new roof, new siding and new gutters.  It's lovely...until it rains..then for some reason there's leaks in the bathroom off our bedroom.  The initial company came out so often and now won't return our calls.  So we are contracting with a company who says it's not the roof, per se, but how the roof wasn't installed properly along our solar panels. They will be coming out to fix it...supposedly.  At our cost.  Not coverable by insurance.  Why do we pay insurance I keep asking myself.

So right now this rather small bathroom has 2 large bowls and 2 waste baskets to catch the drips as well as huge towels to catch the splatter. I've just dragged up a step ladder and hammered up a plastic shower curtain and it's draped over the curtain rod, in the hopes the water will be caught in it and will slither on down to the shower drain.  But I'm still leaving all the rest til this gets fixed. Good thing we have 3 bathrooms, isn't it?

Yesterday i came down the steps at 5:30am to get Robert's breakfast and pack his lunch when I heard this plink-plink noise.  Sure enough...more water. This now is dripping through the ceiling light fixture. 2 plumbers came out and could find nothing but they didn't charge me anything.  1 returned with his supervisor and after a prolonged hunt and peck, search and discard, the supervisor asked if he could pull the toilet. I said, "Pull whatever you want.  Just fix it."  And he did.  Thank heavens it was not more of the roof or pipes above the kitchen.  By last night, I was exhausted from worry and stress.

Do not worry. Do not stress.  I keep telling myself that but I have never listened to myself.

For the past few days Hank, Marissa, and Henry have been staying with us.  Their hardwood floors are being refinished and so as to not inhale the sandings and the fumes, we got to play with them.  It was a joy to have a little munchkin again roaming the house.  It was great to have discussions and teasings.  But they returned home last night..as they should have. It's what had to happen. But without water flowing down into the kitchen, what would occupy me today? I've cleaned the freezer and made a list of what I have there (we are opting to no longer order from RichPlan Foods...something we've done for nearly 20 years and loved every bit of food we've gotten from them. But life  and lifestyles change).  Cleaned the frig.  Did some laundry.  Played Scrambled and Draw Something.  Talked to Niko who doesn't talk back but he does love me. Chatted with Dawn (about mentally ill and paranoid people, serving those who aren't the shining stars, rich or famous, etc) and Jocelyn (about names and things and kids).  Agreed to do a devotional for Jordan by Skype some morning.  Read Jocelyn blog entry written by John Barney and loved every single line of it.  Read a few other blogs.  Practiced the piano for the stake choir performance Sunday.

Then Niko started barking. And I saw the UPS man outside (sadly, not retired Randy and I don't know this man's name and he runs...how can I catch him and get to be friends?).  I bring in the package, huge box and look what's inside...from Hank and Marissa.
Sneaky kids...we were talking about cooking and pans and I mentioned I was saving and on the look for one of these.  And voila...there it is....in my (now dry) kitchen, on my stove.  Reaches over 2 burners in either direction.  So happy. The underside is has a grill pan.  What good kids. I love surprises.  Thanx.  So that's the ray of sun in my day.

Life is good.  It's always good.  It's fun.  You just have to get over the doldrums.


Lin Floyd said...

so true, sometimes just searching for something to be grateful for can help...

Millie said...

Susan call channel 5 "Problem Solver", they will make the roofing company fix the problem since it sounds like the drips started after the roof was installed. Call them it is free.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are a ray of sunshine to us EVERY day! Love you!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wish you lived by us so you could just come hang out!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow..what fun! Now, let's see some pix of the food your grilled up!

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