Saturday, September 01, 2012

OOGIELOVE with Robert and Henry

I have taken a couple Kennedy grands and the Barrett grands to the movies but they were all old enough to see a movie of depth.  But I started to see these ads on TV for something called

The film follows the Oogieloves,
Goobie, Zoozie and Toofie - as they set out to find 5 magical golden balloons in time for their good friend Schluffy's surprise birthday party.  With the help of their best friends J. Edgar (a Hoover vacuum), Windy Window and Ruffy (the goldfish in a bowl) and the support of many extraordinary newfriends whom they meet along the way, the Oogieloves travel throughout all of beautiful LovelyLoveville on their search. They'll need plenty of creative
 thinking, teamwork and enthusiasm to rescue these one-of-a-kind balloons in time for the celebration. But when the Oogieloves work together with the audince, they can achieve anything...particularly when in the end you are told that LOVE is the strongest magic and blowing kisses at the 5 balloons will enable them to lower themselves to the ground!
This is the first movie in a long time that I can remember being perfectly suited for children under t5. And the other good part for the kids? They didn't have to sit still. They could get up and dance in the rows or aisles. They had to say the magic words, or cheer the Oogieloves' cheer, or sing, or make a comment when Toofie's pants would fall down cuz he doesn't like to wear belts...Goofie Toofie, pull up your pants!

But each kid was given a glow stick with a butterfly on top so they could wave along as they sang and danced. It truly is meant for the younger audiences, the ones still filled with wonder.

 I know it was probably odd that Marissa and Hank were ok with us taking Henry to his first theater experience but I was grateful.  It's rather nice to have a grandchild this close.  Years ago I told my kids to move anywhere but Sheffield Lake, make their own lives, and joys, and mistakes.  For us, living is SL was NOT a mistake.  We still love it here but it's not a growing and doing community that the more populace areas offer children today.  But for one hour and a half, we got to enjoy the silliness with Henry, and the joy of watching all the wonder through his eyes.

And isn't that what movies are all about, movies in theaters with popcorn and drink (luckily when you are old like us, and have an AARP card you get a special rate on refreshments!).  My friend Sophia sees every movie she wants because she's some sort of secret movie watcher and she gets in free and then checks out the movie, the auditoriums, the bathroom, the refreshments, etc.  I would like to be her!  But that's what I think about when I go to the movies...the magic, the tears, the lives I'll never live but am grateful for the one I do live, and a night like this.

First we enjoyed the very larger foyer.  So much light and noise!  I have had a continual UTI for over a month now, and am on my 3rd round of antibiotics so I made frequent trips you-know-where, which is unheard of for me cuz I NEVER 'go'.  While we waited for Papa's turn 'going', Henry enjoyed the buttons on machines.

 Henry was soooo good, too.  I did worry but with this movie, even if we had to leave, it wouldn't have mattered.  But he sat as silent as a mouse as the explosion of colors and songs filled the ears (and oh yes, it was loud. Robert sat with his fingers in his ears the whole time...where were those earplugs?)

We always get there early, cuz I love to be early and get the food, get the seats, get comfy, enjoy the junk that's shown before the film. We opened the door to Theater 20 and it was dark.  Henry looked down the long hallway and balked at first.  But I stepped thru the door and Henry hesitantly followed.  There are lights along the hall there and so he was fine.  I think he was amazed at the hugeness of the room but the lights all up the stairway helped him follow Papa til they found just the right seats.
 There is NOTHING  better in the whole wide world that movie popcorn with layers of butter.  Oh yes, I know it's not butter but whatever it is it's wonderful!  Henry thought so too.  I think this was the first real popcorn he's had.
And is there anything better than a swig or 15 of pink lemonade?  Not in Henry's book at least!  He loved it.  I should have maxi-sized it as well as the popcorn.
And Henry was very good at cleaning up as we left.

But this look back, this is me...the movie's over...we gotta leave?  Where's the fresh popcorn.  I think these same thoughts.  Oh to be a child...oh wait...I AM ONE!

But for the adults, I have to say the best part was seeing the Dread Pirate Roberts (Cary Elwes) as a cowboy blowing bubbles.  Oh my goodness...I just made it back from the bathroom in time to realize who it was!  I was giggling like craze.  I always love Cloris Leachman who plays such zany parts with such aplum.  But Chazz Palminteri as a 50's soda jerk was crazy.  Who'd athunk he'd be in a child's movie?   Toni Braxton, Jaime Pressly, and the wonderful Christopher Lloyd rounded out the cast.  It was a fun night.

Marissa commented on FB this morning that Henry was still bouncing off the walls at 11:30 last night...but she's the one who sent a BOX of Reese's pieces.  What's healthy about that compared to popcorn with layers of butter. 

Thanks M2T2 for sharing your son with us for a couple of hours.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a fun time. My youngest son Jeff has two kids now a boy 4 months and a girl 2.5 years. Fun times again...

Dawn Mercedes said...

what fun!! Henry so so lucky to be near to you as well!!

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