Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Did not watch the Olympics last night so this morning I heard the girls' gymnastics team took the gold.  I sat with tears in my eyes and I thought that was why but when I paused the GMA broadcast, I shuddered when I realized that it's been such an emotional 3 days since Marissa called on  Sunday that I once again started to cry.

This is not something I should probably blog about but it is what I am going to blog about for me...and for anyone out there who might read me.  Be's a nasty world out there.  There are very few people safe, safe enough to leave your kids with.  And it'so all so frustrating.  I don't want a world like this.

Marissa and Hank asked to come by  Sunday after church and as they entered our home, Marissa ran to me and broke down in tears, whispering to me how a man we all know had molested a young man, when he was a juvenile. And now as a 19-year-old man, he's exposed the happening.

We all cried together, barely able to eat lunch.  We sat stunned and miserable.  Unbelieving but knowing it was true.  I guess I would have to thank the Sandusky/PennState exposure for teaching us all so many things.  Or to remind us of what we've been told recently.  More often than not, the molester is not a stranger, it's too often a friend or family member.

I am grateful that Marissa and Hank had the wisdom to heed the feelings they had of doubt about this man we all knew, to keep wee Henry away from him.  To protect Henry as well as the rest of us...because honestly, I do not know what I'd do if this friend had injured my grandson!  I know what I always say I'd want done to such fiends.  I rather hope my grief would stop me short of something I would regret doing.  But today I am just so grateful that M2T2 did heed the promptings they felt.  Grooming is such an obvious thing when you see it from a distance.  Up close, innocently, we seldom do.  I pledge to be more vigilant

But again, my stomach turns, my eyes well up in tears.  I'm grateful one young man was able to be strong and heroic and make public what should never have been kept in the dark.  I am grateful for a bishop who is meeting this challenge with such compassion and understanding, who stands as one on a watchtower for his congregation.  I am grateful to the Lord for His compassion and understanding and pray that same can come to all who hurt from this.

But for today, right now, I think I just need to allow my tears to flow.  Perhaps a shower will wash away the salt and the fatigued spirit.  I think my life has been changed in a way I never thought possible.

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Lin Floyd said...

image how our heavenly father must feel with all the evil in the world that his children are responsible for...

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