Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Plate Found

Needed to find Pam's recipe for her CreamPuff Cake that I'm taking to dinner tonight at Jill's.  That meant I had to reorganize the cookbook shelf which takes up the whole top shelf in the pantry in two rows...the most used cookbooks are in the front, and if you can read the titles you realize they are mostly baking and bread cookbooks.  I had dreamed last night about reorganizing that shelf actually so it must have needed to be done.  I also wondered about the brand new pair of Cutco Kitchen Shears which are still in the box...and should have been up there.

So having done these things (Pam's cookbook found, shears found, junk stuff too old to eat but had fallen between the 2 rows of cookbooks tossed) I also found this plate made by Cara.  It used to hang in my kitchen and I think it needs to be hung up again.  I think you might have to click on the picture to read all the sweet words she wrote back in the day.  It's very nice when children grow up and as adults still see us as wonderful parents that we are and not as the adults who might have disappointed them.  I see this so often in adult children and wonder about the saying:

"The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get."--Tim Russert.  

Some kids get it, others are still looking for truth that might be right under their noses.  I have watched the hurt, listened to the tears from friends and I...well, I guess I won't say what I think. But there have been a lot coming from my friends lately and I am sad for them.  For me.  For their kids.  For what should be.  And altho I am a total realist, there are days that I find myself wishing I lived in a fantasyworld.

But anyway...this is a plate that is fun and very dear to me.  So thanks, Cara...all these years later.

May all you readers realize that life is hard, that being parents is hard, that your perceptions may not be real but they are yours.  Look closely at how you treat your loved may be the last chance you have one day and causing hurt and pain are memories that never fade.


Lin Floyd said...

I'm with those parents who have some children who will remain unnamed that are still angry with me for raising them in a religious environment. so they now choose to not be so...oh well. Free agency...

Dawn Mercedes said...

I think this might be the first time I REALLY read the plate! haha. Fun rememberance, Cara.

We are so blessed for you two as parents!

Cara said...

If the plate was bigger I could have listed 100 reasons and more! Love you more!

LeAnn said...

I loved the plate and I think you should hang it up again. It shows the you wisdom. It is amazing and fun when your adult children discover truths you have tried to teach.
I do think wisdom comes with age.

gremhog said...

from Sophia...just had to post so I'll always have:

just read yours. It doesn't like me and takes forever to let me in to comment. So, I'll just do it here. LOVE the peaches. LOVE LOVE LOVE the plate. Still love that you celebrate anniversaries. Love the rock garden. Love the penquin cake. Your back yard is lovely. Love the window with the glass. Love you. That's all.

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