Thursday, August 23, 2012


It's feeling more like the end of summer and even tho it's not, it feels this way...and that seems to lead me to think  more about break baking.  For a few days, M2T2 have been with us as Hank sands and stains his hardwood floors.  Marissa should not be exposed to the sanding and the staining.  It's been fun. It's fun baking/cooking again for a lot of people.  It won't last altho we say it can't last longer than 6 months...snickers here.

Make some whole wheat bread yesterday and something went wrong and I had to toss out all 4 loaves.  Maybe it was the yeast so I tossed that out as well.  Today I opened a new brick of it and made a recipe that Marissa likes and it turned out quite well.  Will do this one again.  It's really not whole wheat bread but it does have whole wheat flour in it.  Nice amount of honey, actually.  But once again I realized that I really could use a container to watch my yeast rise and know when it has actually doubled in size.

So Hank took us all to Dean's restaurant supply store and I was able to get it

Then I also got an instant read thermometer because apparently by good PC one melted somehow.  Not sure how or when but when I took it out to use it yesterday it was bent and puckered.  Also an oven thermometer to be sure my oven was heating correctly.

From there Hank took us to the Minneapolis Flour Store.  In a seamy looking street.  In a warehouse that you'd miss if you didn't know where it was.  It was good to follow Hank and learn how to get in, talk thru a window, and then to place my order.  Then go through another door to the warehouse and turn in the order. The workers bring out the stuff and it's in the car and off we go.

On Hank's suggestion I bought a brand of flour that's fine Italian flour, artisan flour.  50 pounds.  Cannot wait to give it a try.  BUT...this place also sell Barry Callabaut's chocolate chips and chocolate chunks (among other such chocolates...and a huge listing of other product).  I had notified some of the girls that I would see soon and offered them some of the chips if they wanted to buy some.  So home I came with 60 pounds of chocolate chips.  They also sell Hersheys so I might try them the next time.  I miss selling Hershey in the fall as I did for years.  I miss the smell of chocolate as we weighed a couple tons of chocolate and cocoa for all the buyers.  Perhaps not the work of weighing but most definitely the fun of the chips.

Tonight Carole Morgan called me and I told her how I had tried to find that coffee mug she uses for one of her recipes.  The mug belonged to her great grandmother, as do the soup spoons and tea spoons that she also uses for the recipe.  Dawn went over once to Carole's a few years ago to get her recipe.  But I also remember this wonder brown bread Carole used to make, another recipe of great grandma, another recipe using these same tools. Carole use to serve these at showers she gave but would never share the recipe, only saying they were secret and she was only going to give it to Michelle (her daughter) and Charlie's wife.  DRATS!   We had a nice chat and Carole agreed to let me come measure the cup and the spoons she used. Then she said, Wait a minute.  She came back to tell me she had 3 of these coffee mugs and she'd give me one. THEN she said she'd give me the brown bread recipe!  I am happy.  I've already put my Sharpee pen in my Sunday bag so she can sign her name to the mug on Sunday.  It will be a lovely keepsake from an old friend.

So readers...I'm ready to really start my bread baking again.  Last night at Book Club, Linda B mentioned that David remarked that he really liked the bread I made last week for Sacrament.  I chuckled and said he's made with heavy whipping cream.  I think I'll make him a whole loaf for Sunday.


Dawn Mercedes said...

you are a talented baker!! post pix of your new recipes/output!

Lin Floyd said...

wish you lived closer-you are quite the cook and baker!

LeAnn said...

I love the smell and taste of homemade wheat bread. I haven't made some for a while so that made me hungry. The chocolate stimulated my need for some.

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