Saturday, August 04, 2012

August 3...Dawn is 39

How can that be?  But it is.  A little reference story is required here.

24 years ago, Bonpapa turned 70 and we threw him a huge party.  Because it was a snowy February, I made him a cake topped with penguins. For whatever reason, Dawn has always complained that she never got a penguin cake, that I wouldn't make her one.

The horror of that cake was it took FOREVER to make the penguins out of frosting, thick frosting..and my hands have always been weak and bothered by overuse.  So forever using those icing bags made it a LONG day or days of producing the penguins.

But I have seen cakes Missy Bruderer makes online with fondant and I thought, "Hey!  I could do that."  Naturally I'm not the cake artiste Missy is but it had to be lots easier than using frosting again. And I am very good at kneading dough so fondant couldn't be any harder...and it wasn't.  Even coloring it was a cinch.  But I am nowhere near the artiste my husband and kids are so I enlisted Robert's help.  I made the heads and bodies and Robert did all the rest (oh yes, and I did put in the jiggly eyes).  I had planned to make a very similar scene to Bonpapa's but Dawn didn't want a cake, she wanted some sort of Creamsicle torte, which I did (2).  Then I snuck her 3 kids to the basement to do the decorating.  I was sure there would be tears of joys when she saw it but nah (too much sadness over a very old carpet that needs to be replaced and appears now to be ruined because the matt disintegrated)...but she was happy and she's keeping the penguins.  Because it is summer, I felt the little guys needed some sun umbrellas to help keep the hole in the ozone (which I also do not believe exist) from allowing too many sun rays to get to them.  So after an afternoon at the lake, and before an evening at the lake, we had dinner and the tortes.


 A silly bug with wobbly legs for a fun remembrance.
 Hank, Marissa, and Henry joined us for the fun.

 Hershey candles from Connor.

 Mini holiday Salt/Pepper shakes from Evan...Pfaltscraft.
 Henry colored a picture for Dawn...DORA of course with 39 on the cake.
 And Hank and Marissa produced their famous and wonderful vanilla.

 And this lovely purse from Adelle.

Anyway, dear Dawn...happy 39th.  You are now as old as your grandmother insisted she was until we had a 70th birthday party for her and announced to the world she was no longer 39.


Dawn Mercedes said...

And what a great day I had yesterday!!! Fun at the beach and fun times at dinner. Thanks for all that you and Dad did to make my only very peaceful and enjoyable.

LeAnn said...

It looks like a an awesome birthday celebration. You did a lot of hard work so I am sure she appreciated it. Just keep on enjoying those moments!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

happy birthday, Dawn. Cool to see the penguins revived!

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