Friday, July 27, 2012


I happen to love looking out my kitchen sink window.  I can see the world that I love and usually Robert is out there gardening ( you notice I am not in the garden, I'm enjoying the beauty from inside ).  Last spring I went with Jill and her class to Hale Homestead near Bath, Ohio.  They have a glass blower who teaches the kids about the art as well as blowing a variety of trinkets.  I bought the blue and the brown one and thought, gee, this will be a nice start to a collect for my window.

Today I was in Sandusky with Pam Barlow as we took our pilgrimage to Meijer.  We started at Steak and Shake at 6:30am for breakfast of their steakburgers and fries.  Pam always has an eye to find the coolest things and if you've ever seen her yard you would understand.  Her radar directed her directly to this tillairium.  It is a cute little thing filled with a Tillandsia air plant   She didn't want one but I sure did (and it was my most extravagant purchase of the trip).  It's easy to care for...a couple times a week, I am to gently remove the tillandsia and run it under the faucet and then return it to its home.

As I was finishing up, I remembered the lovely red leaf Daphne Fredricks brought back to me from her trip to Colorado.  This is a real leaf, which has been acidified and plated in 24k gold, very fragile.  Up until now I had it hanging on the lovely tree Jocelyn gave us years ago, because I knew it would be safe there.  If you look closely (or click to enlarge) you will see a 'dragonfly', which Daphne gave me a couple of years ago from the UP of Michigan.  I cannot think how many times people, on seeing it for the first time, have stepped back and exclaimed.  I try to remember to put it away in the winter but there have been a few that it's remained, perhaps as a reminder of the promise that spring is always around the corner, no matter how deep the snow.

Now to find a couple more special bulbs and start a different plane of them.  I'm happy!

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Lin Floyd said...

looks like fun, my kitchen window looks out over my dining-living room but from our kitchen table we have windows to our front yard or patio.

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