Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robert's Rock Garden

There is an island of sorts in our front drive.  A couple of large trees that we fear are sick and need to come down.  Some bushes that have outgrown their life span.  So earlier in the spring Robert decided he wanted to transform it into a rock garden. He started at the point that juts out by the sidewalk/driveway.  Everything took nicely.

The wonderful Diane Pepin encouraged our Hens and Chicks and Lamb's Ears all along and since she's hoping her home sells so she can be with Ron in Oregon, she shared some of her truly amazing Hens and Chicks (and there are even about 3 Grandma hens that have sprouted these amazing stalks and these will flower prettily and then the Grandmas will die.  But the patch of these succulents will reproduce, sort of like a phoenix.

 This set of Hens and Chicks with the 2 Grandmas was planted in an old fashioned washtub that I remember buying in Diane's company when we stopped at an antique shop.  It's about time it got used.  And finally we decided to place it on a stump of a tree that we took down a couple years ago (Robert called it a Dirty Tree and we hated the leaves that always seemed to get brought into the house).
 This lovely one was planted in what used to be a bird bath.  If you remember far enough back, you will remember the second year Robert was bishop and it was coming up Mother's Day.  The previous year he had made the gifts for all the mothers in the ward himself.  He wanted to do it again.  We had made these wonderful bird baths using concrete and leaves from the Rhubarb plant for us and for our kids.  So he made smaller versions for the ladies in church along with some bird seeds.  This sits just beneath the front room window.
 Here the east end of the west part of the island.  To the right you can see a walkway that cuts across the island. There is Bonpapa's bench still there but it's in need of repair (new slats, etc) and that huge ol' wonderful rock that my kids loved to sit on and the one my piano students are drawn to as well.
Robert decided that it was a perfect evening to plant these (we had a nice rain this morning finally...not enough but it was welcomed).  He even agreed to get rid of 3 of the whatever they were plants, that were mostly dead, very brittle.  So another portion of our rock garden is developing...thanx Diane.  Everyone in our area is going to miss her when she does depart for good.  We understand why...we just don't want it to happen and had so hoped Ron could get a job back here.  Luckily, technology keeps us close no matter how far we are.

I learned today from Molly that her husband got a job in Colorado and so 809 will change hands again.  I don't think she was ever happy at 809 nor in our Paradise so they are on to find their own happiness, which is what we all do when we become adults.  We don't live at home, we don't expect our parents to give us allowances or take care of our needs.  My children all grew up and away.  So should all adult children.  I just feel sad for 809.  My problem is I ALWAYS project human feelings and emotions on inanimate things.  It's not that I think it's still my hasn't been for 3 years.  But it was the house we raised our children.  I just hope that someone wonderful buys it and loves it, keeps up gardens and yard and trees and have lots of kids to romp in the yards.

We have grown to love 3830.  We really do.  As Robert said, we certainly spent enough time up here all the years before we moved here.  It was a home before it became our home.  My parents left their spirit here as we did at 809.  Maybe I ought to ask for our spirit back from 809 once Molly leaves.

And I've said this before...each home ought to be made sacred by the experiences shared within, by the prayers said within, and by the friends and family who came to visit.  So if you own a home, love it today.   Treasure it.  Treat it well and it will treat you well also.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

We love our home...lots of sacred events have taken place here in that last five years! 809 will always be a lovely place and live on in memory. Someone will come along and love it again...too bad we can't buy it!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow...amazing new garden, papa!

Lin Floyd said...

it's fun to make improvements to your home as it creates more memories...

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