Saturday, July 07, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Today is supposedly the last very hot day of the summer (I'll believe that when the snow flies).  I welcome less heat and less humidity.  Yikes...with the heat index it was probably close to 105 degrees today or more. After a lovely day working inside (and out for Robert who refuses to listen to reason) we went to the show and saw Moonrise Kingdom.  It's the lead at Cannes and the theater, oddly enough, was filled.  And it's been out for some time.  I will not recommend it because it really is an odd movie, definitely not everyone taste in movies but boy did we laugh. We laughed all the way to car.  And the other people there commented that they enjoyed it.  No, they were not young...they were our ages or more.  Sad.  Too many people will miss this in lieu of The Amazing Spiderman.  Oh and by the way...Harvey Keitel was in it...we LOVE that man!

Robert said he related to the story line.  Once when he was 11 or 12, he and his best friend, Bob Gilmore, ran away together to visit their girlfriend.  Same girl...typical!  Bob had a fancy multi-speed bike and poor  Robert had the pathetic 1 speed girls bike that was a hand-me-down from one of his sisters (and my kids? You think you had it hard?  At least I made sure you had your own things!).  So Robert was slower than Bob but they got to this girl's house.  The mom actually asked them to stay for lunch.  They didn't run away for good, eventually returning home, suspected the mom called their moms so they knew the boys were safe.

I wonder where the fun has gone.  The innocence.  In real life.  I never went to camp but then again I would not have wanted to go to camp.  But it's the thought anyway.  Last week in discussing the movie BRAVE, we had several discussion on 'inappropriate' scenes.  I was shocked...what in the world was so inappropriate with this animated movie, I wondered. Then proceeded to beat myself up for not seeing evil in it. But after about 12 hours of killing myself, I decided I would just rather be innocent and see good in the movie.

Funny how things upset us, isn't it?  Yesterday I spent quite a few hours being totally not happy.  I didn't like being accused of something I did not do, actually being ridiculed.  And when the moment came that I was vindicated, and the truth was out, it still took me a few LONG minutes to calm down.  And it was all so stupid. But it was what it was.  And it reminded me of how I've long said if I were on a jury at a murder trial or some other serious something, I really could not vote guilty unless there was some undeniable proof, or admission.  Reports of things in the newspaper as well as on the television are so distorted and so many things left out.  Who can be sure what's real and what's not.  I think in the end, you just have to know within yourself if something is true or not.

OK...long way from the joy of a good but odd movie.  I just felt to record this for myself.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I'll second that...being accused of things...being misjudged is difficult to endure,especially be people who are "supposed" to love and know you. Such is life sometimes, I guess. I love you!

Lin Floyd said...

good thing we are judged by a wise loving Heavenly Father...yes it is amazing how far the movies go these days even pg rated ones.

LeAnn said...

Thanks for the thoughts on the movie. It is getting hard lately for us to find a good movie that there isn't something not good in it. I do know how you feel when you are wrongly accused for somethinng. I have had that happen in our family; which really gets messed up. I must say that my children can create a mountain our of a mole hill and we seem to have to put out fires a few times a year. I love our six families; but I would take my 31 grandchildren over my adult children. I guess I am rattling away on this one. I did enjoy your thoughts.

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