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The Hatch Batch Family Reunion 2012

A few years ago, I realized that it was time for me to pass the torch for planning Family Reunions on to the next generation.  We were not always able to attend Robert's family reunions because they are ALWAYS out west.  I don't think they understand there's any place other than Utah or the near environs.  So 2 years ago, Dawn and Ken planned a destination reunion in NY.  We had such a nice time visiting Palmyria, and more fun seeing the sights in the rain.  So this time, the reunion fell to the Kennedys.  Initially I thought they might be passing on the chance but good Jacob came through, sending ideas to Cara and then they decided how to pull it off.  This reunion the destination was Evansville, IN and the Ohio River.   Above you will see the 'book' Jocelyn put together so that each of us could write in it, either in prose or poetry.  Jocelyn and Steve's kids drew pictures for each member of the family.

                                                                                                                                                    Henry eats the first peas from a pod

On Wednesday, 27 June, we headed to Marissa's home to pick up her and Henry.  Hank had other plans and work and was not able to join us.  We did miss him and my realization was that we are never fully complete if even one of our family is not with us. There's a hole.  But at least we were able to spend a couple of minutes with Hank before leaving, admiring his wonderful raised beds for his gardens.

Then we piled all the stuff in the car and off we drove.  Henry was a very good traveler and he was happy to watch videos on my iPad or reading with his mom but he was happy to get up and eat blackberry pancakes at the Cracker Barrel, Eeyore never far from him!
We were so happy to arrive and find the family gathering. Before long, we were all assembled.
 Wednesday night's dinner was PIZZA!  All homemade.  Cara made the dough and provided the fixins and then we put together all sorts of varieties.  Marissa made the sauce from scratch.
 Luckily, Kennedys have a large countertop...see Jocelyn, Marissa, Dawn, and Susan
 As you can tell, it was gonna be a picture-taking moment at every corner!  Here's Steve snapping me, snapping him.
 The kids as well as the adults were always in and out of the pool...temps ranged up to 108 degrees.
 Ken and Jocelyn
 Marissa and Jordan
Ken and Jordan start the crust and Jordan, having worked at Tommy's in Columbus was an ol' hand at this. 

But Ken soon showed us his skills at tossing and spinning the crusts.

 Cara fries up the sausage
 Dawn and Susan chop the veggies
 Marissa begins the homemade sauce (above) and Jordan starts his crust while Rob and Hillary look on (below).
 Next...the sauce.
 Ella begins kneading the last of the dough. The kids were called in to assemble the pizzas.

The next day was Ella's 13th birthday.  Nothing like having the whole family show up for her breakfast in bed, singing as much as we could...13!  Another teen!  And such a lovely one.  She had previously asked me to use my Cricut to cut out the YW values so she could have them on her bedroom wall.  It's pretty special when a young woman could be firm enough in her beliefs to have them on her wall.  My friend, Diane Pepin, suggested I take my Cricut and laptop down to the reunion because using the transfer paper only really works on the spot...such perfect advice.

 By the night's end, before we had Banana Splits, El's birthday treat of choice, she had to endure another found of our singing.

 The day was spent on the banks of the Ohio River, both on the Ohio and the Kentucky shores.  Jacob rented a large pontoon boat and towed a banana boat.  It was HOT...no, really, HOT!  And we baked and frolicked and knew we were better off in the water.  The kids loved the banana boat either on or off.  They didn't care.  Even  I managed to get on the banana boat and did not fall off. It was just so much fun!
 Waiting at the dock for the pontoon to return for the 2nd group.
 Jordan, Peter and Lily.
 Hillary, Cara, Kipp and Cody
 Robert, Evan, Sam
 We decided to eat while we waited...here's Dawn with her sandwich
 Hillary and Rob
 Peter, Evan and Dawn on the banana boat.
 Peter, Evan, Dawn, Kipp and Sam
 Aboard the pontoon..Jordan, Lily, Cody
 Wheeeeee...look ma, no hands.

 Sam steers the pontoon, and so similar in good looks as his dad.  Can you see the resemblence?
 Scarlett, Ella, Lily, Kipp, Sam
 Robert tows the banana himself.

 Give Lily and shovel and sand and she's all set!
 Cara, Steve, Autumn, Scarlett, Jocelyn, Guy

 Susan on the banana boat, just doens't understand why the kids must throw themselves off.  I was worried I'd have to get off and get them and then would not be able to get back on.

 Marissa and Henry, enjoying the speed of the pontoon.  Not too fast but it was nice!  Henry also loved the sand and the shovel.

Coming back to Cara's was hot again, and their lovely pool awaited us.  It was now time for wonderful hamburgers and hot hogs and all the fixins for dinner.  And always, throughout the days together there was prayer...aloud, and in our hearts. Nah, this was not posed and no, I probably wasn't very reverent in taking this picture but as I peeked through my eyelids at my assembled family, I noticed Cara and Jacob closest to me and just gave in to the urge.  These two provided their home and their food and their knowledge to pull this together.  Oh, I was grateful!

 At night Jocelyn and Steve provided everyone with the glow sticks.  They all had SO much fun in the darkening night to see the lights illuminating the pool fun.  I don't have a big fancy camera so these pictures are not going to be worth much, except to me.

 someone made bunny ears for Jordan 
 guy, autumn, jocelyn, scarlett

One of Cara's Seminary Students came out early on Friday morning and took family photos of us all, in all kinds of configurations.  She own several high end cameras with several lenses and in looking at photos she's already taken of weddings and engagement, I must say that for at 15 year old, she has the EYE for photography.  Am really looking forward to seeing more of her work, especially the family photos.  It was so very hot on Friday (OK, let's face it.  It was hot every day) and we nearly melted during the shoot.  Dawn kept insisting that if she turned much redder she was not going to have her picture taken.  But we accomplished it all and were happy to return to Cara's for a chill moment.    Look at Robert, sleeping and snuggling with Mousey



After lunch we went to the local mall and held a Mall Scavenger hunt.  I get the idea that each gteam felt they had won and everyone completed the race.  We, however, went for speed.  First time I've done this but I myust say it was great fun.  I think Steve is the one who came up with the things we were to do and find at the mall. Good game, Steve.  Here the kids are on the 2 carousels.

Dinner was tacos and then we held the Hatch Family Feud game.  Totally enjoyable.  And fun that for the most part we all agreed on the same answers.    There was one more night of swimming altho the boys were pretty insistent that Lazer Tag which had been on the agenda for the previous afternoon (til we ran out of steam) still be played. So one group of men/boys went there..ER, WITH ADELLE!  The report back was the lazer tag lasted for 15 minutes and the rest of the time was spent with arcade games.  It was a perfectly lovely reunion.

We gathered the next morning at Cara and Jacob's home.  A number of years ago, I had started outlining the family hands on a table cloth and then embroidered them.  Dawn reminded me of the cloth and suggested I bring it down and we add the many hands that have since joined our family. That was the last activity.  Ending with a prayer and tearful goodbyes.  I never know why there are tears at the end of family reunions. But we all cried to some degree.  The cousins had a blast together and for the most part never remembered they had parents to bug.  They just ran off and enjoyed each other.  I am hoping we are all to young to worry about dying but death is and always will loom on the horizon for each of us.  Perhaps it's that longing for the days when they were young and loving each other, being silly together, making memories together and not just remembering the memories that bring on the tears.  I just know that I am grateful that I turned this event over to the next generation.

I can be happy to allow them to take charge.  Some families have their reunions every year which would be so nice but for now I will be happy to have one every two years.  This gives us all time to save up for whatever the future ones will hold.

To all my children and grands...thank you for a wonderful week.  I love you all and sure hope you know this.  Life is too short to remember unhappy things.  And reunions such as this, reminds us to look forward to happy days and reunions here and hereafter.

Here are just some odds and ends; pictures I do not want to lose, memories I want to keep!
Evan and Peter and pingpong
 Guy and Kipp and the iPod touch games
 Adorable and Handsome Sam
 Cutie Autumn, Lovely and pregnant Jocelyn and always Mousey
 Here I am giving Rob sips of water from the very small cap of a water bottle.  
 Here I am giving Rob his first taste of real bananas.  Actually I think Hillary allowed this so I didn't give him any ice cream from the Banana Splits.
 Jacob found this perfect picture of a Corvette, vintage btw...now he needs one for real.

 The backyard from the upper balcony/patio.
 I am guessing the basketball standard is for the kids, the golfing area is for Jacob.  
 Here Cara polices the area around the pool.  It was the best addition to their home since the kids came.  And the surrounding 'green'?  All astroturf!  How cool is this?
Lovely terrace, wouldn't you agree?


Haddock said...

This must have been a real good experience for the children :-)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Great pics! Great reunion. That one photo of the banana boat you said was me but it was Dawn with peter and evan...

Lin Floyd said...

what a lovely loving family reunion...a blessing to be sure.

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