Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brendan Busse

About a month ago, I can home to discover I'd been invited to Brendan's graduation party and I was almost in tears...1) thinking my wee Brendan was graduation from high school, going to OU for education as well as to play volleyball...and 2) that this great family remembered me and invited me.

Brendan was one of my kids back when I ran my daycare out of my home.  He was an angel, always. The cutest thing around.  His parents were wonderful to me, always treating me to specialty care packages and always courteous with my time.  I loved this family.

So here's me with Brendan

And for my kids who had close ties to them in one way or another, here's the family.  Brittany just got engaged 2 weeks ago, got her BA in 3 years and is more than halfway toward her masters and is considering going on to med school.


Dawn Mercedes said...

How great that these families remember you for all the big milestones...when you were there for the initial milestones!

Lin Floyd said...

how fun you got to mother so many others! and they appreciate your part in their lives!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow! What a great family...I'm so impressed!

Roger and LeAnn said...

Wow, that is so awesome tha they invited you. I am sure you had a great impact on their lives.
Lovely pictures of those who you love and whom love you.

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