Monday, June 25, 2012

Last week of June 2012

Robert's on vacation this week and on Wednesday we will be heading down Cara's way for our own family reunion.  I have to say, I am really looking forward to this.  Cara and Jacob have some fun things planned and I am very grateful for their efforts.  We will be driving down with Marissa and Henry in our car, but alas, Hank has other plans this time around....sniff sniff....we will miss him.  Luckily Ken was able to switch Evan's cub day camp and those 2 will be joining us. The plan currently is to meet up with the Barretts in Florence, Y'all (KY) and drive together to Evansville.

But for now, there are things to do. Robert's been cleaning up the garden and perhaps will install the old white fencing along the borders between the old and the new back yard sections.  Soon we are going to go buy some new tires for the trip;  we want to be safe, don't you know.

But earlier today Marissa and Henry arrived to get some of the strawberry plants that Robert wanted thinned....and they wanted for one of their raised flower beds. They'll be enjoying strawberries out of their own garden next year.

 Here Marissa is teaching Henry how to dig down deep and bring up the good mother plants and carefully add the baby shoots.
And here's Niko, enjoying some sun while the rest work.


Lin Floyd said...

what a skinny dog-don't you ever feed him? Lol...enjoy your family reunion-look at my latest grandchild #7 on my blog...

LeAnn said...

Have a wonderful family reunion and enjoy the moments.
Loved the picture and I am glad Niko could rest.
We have our family reunion on the 18th of July. I don't know if I am that excited. I love seeing everyone. However, some of my adult children are hard to deal with sometimes. Our 31 grandchildren will be the best part. I am looking forward to them.
Blessings to you!

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