Friday, May 18, 2012

Strangest Day

I started out for the mall to get my glasses tightened.  For the first time ever, the mill gave us optical.  Sadly we can only go to a select few places.  It's good that it's pretty much free but I hate the place I went to. Will never return to Eye Masters for updates, even when they change their name.  Then I went in search of a candle.

For whatever reason, Robert has started to light candles.  The bad thing is he's brought up candles from the basement where we store the candles for emergency lighting.  My mom had a few, $1 ones that say they are scented but they are so not!  And those are what he brings up. So I opted to head to Bath and Body Works even tho the candles are not on sale.  But so many fragrances to choose from. It took forever.  I was also looking for a scent that I thought was verbena which they had only as I walked into the store I realized I didn't want verbena...I wanted viburnum scent.  Which they did not have.  I settled for Honeysuckle for Robert. It's burning right now and the scent is almost to me.  Very nice. But when I went up to pay, their electric whatever wasn't working and I could not pay with my card and she apologetically asked me to come back.  Which I eventually did and she was SO surprised.  So I was also gifted with whatever Signature item I wanted.  I opted for a full size bubble bath...And that meant more time sniffing.  Almost went with Sweet Pea cuz it's so light and fun but opted instead for another.

Went on to Macy's to get Robert another white shirt.  I called him from the car to see if he wanted anything, of course he didn't.  I suggested a white shirt altho he laughed.  I reminded him I am the one who washes/irons the white shirts and some were getting a little less church white.  So he agreed to take a white shirt.  Plus it was 50% off plus I had another coupon for 20% off.  Geoffrey Beane, here I come.

The problem with not weighing 120 pounds anymore is that no sizes are good for me.  The Misses sizes don't go high enough and the Women's sizes are too wide.  I still have a waist.  Plus, I am long torso'd and hae problems finding a long top that doesn't look like a mini skirt worn over jeans/slacks/capris.  But I found one nearly perfect top, went to pay for it and it came up $12 instead of about $55 (who pays $55 for a knit top?).  So I put the lady on hold and grabbed another one in a different color.

And then there's Lancome. Now do I need Lancome?  Of course not.  I can use Maybelline or CoverGirl or even Kohls. But today,  cute Diane was there. She's been there forever and is very much the persusive sales woman.  Plus she always gives me a facial.  And today was altho the lure of the FREEBIE.  And it was a huge one. So I am set to look beautiful on days I need to look finished.

I finished off the trip with Chicken Terriyaki.  Robert doesn't like eating at the mall, nor does he like that dish.  So I had a good, private lunch...while enjoying watching a big screen TV.  At chose that particular seat because in the tables behind me were about 6 delicious young men, professionally dressed, watching the  screen so I figured it must be good. It was...Turns out the Paces romped all over the Heat last night.  That made me more than happy. I came home and plan to turn on ESPN and see what Wade did in his fracas with the young coach.Spoelstra.  And the Heat cancels a practice they obviously need just so they didn't have to talk to the press?  Wow....I can only hope the Pacers put them away, but as mean as that is, I am going to guess the Heat will rally on Sunday.  Grrrrrr.

Along the way in and out of that section of the mall, I noticed someone I knew at Malley's Chocolate.  Susie Rice Minnich. So both ways in and out I stopped to chat...long chats.  It was great.  Had a super time talking with her.

So my day was pretty good...only now, not hungry, I have to get dinner for my man..... Oh well.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a fun day...come visit my blog sometime...

LeAnn said...

Actually, your day sounded like one of mine last week. I spent two hours in one shop trying to make a decision on what to buy for an upcoming event. Of course, after I got the shirt and pants I needed shoes and a purse. It ended up being a long day just for me and I hadn't done that for a very long time.
Loved reading your thoughts today!

Dawn Mercedes said...

ugh...sounds like you enjoy shopping so much more than me! I remember years ago I took the kids to the Children's Place...bought clothes. Then went to the mall play area and let them run about while I double checked the receipt. It was just too low. And yes, they missed one of the $8 shirts. So I went back and paid...and they were surprised as well. Although, I was not offered a freebie.

Dawn Mercedes said...

PS. BBW candles are delightful! I just finished one of mine!

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