Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We have had the nicest...not to mention hottest....Memorial Day ever.  We planned to meet with m2t2 at Pettitis but first ran to Walmart. Robert decided he wanted a bird bath.  We used to have one at 809, years ago, but he didn't much care for it. But I loved it.  When he said he wanted another, I lost no time in getting him to start looking.  Walmart had none left but the display ones and the man didn't seem too interested in helping us.  But we did find this cute container for planting that looks like a cup/saucer.  We will be planting more poppies in it.  Then M2 texted me that she was almost at Pettiti's so we drove around the corner and met them.  They shopped for veggie plants for their own square foot gardens.

We took Henry around the place with us, feeding him goldfish crackers as we went. But boy did he enjoy Pettite's waterfalls.  Right then I knew we needed more than a bird bath.  We bought a couple more sets of chicks and hens for the rock garden in the front island,

 I found this wonderful new plant (Pilea Moon Valley...well, ok, it's new to me and an indoor plant), Robert got some impatiens and some Drip Roses.  M2T2 left and we did some returning at Kohl's and candle shopping at BBW. Then we decided to try out Lowes. And they had the loveliest selection of waterfalls.  We narrowed it down to 2 and ended up with this one.

Robert immediately put it in the place in the garden where we can see it from the kitchen eating area.  We hoped that it wouldn't take long for the birds to discover it.  Niko is still not sure about running water so he's been staying far away.  We also picked up some Lupine seeds and hope we get quite a garden full in future years.  Naturally Robert had to buy another hosta...this one is yellow.

Even in this horrible heat (and it's not even the end of May yet and we are past 90 degrees), Robert started working in the garden.  There was a lilac tree but it hasn't grown and what does grow, grows less each year. That was removed. There were 2 overaged, and overgrown bushes behind the house which are also now gone. And mulched in this mulch machine we own.   More pepper plants and a tomato plant, were placed.  I reworked my indoor succulents.

When the heat got to him, Robert came in and rested, watching some shows on what he calls the Nazi Channel.  That reminded me of a funny incident at our last Friends of Domonkas Library meeting. As a Friends group we donated several thousand dollars to have new modern technology installed in the conference room and now we sponsor a movie night each month.  The first one was about Nazi's and the war and our one German member threw up her hands and said in heavily German-accented English...."no more war movies.  You'd think that Germany only provided movie topics!"  She's so nice and cute.  So whoever is sponsoring the movie in June will not be showing a war movie.

While the burgers grilled (and thanx to Emril's plan, these burgers were stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon and were excellent), we picked a large bowl of strawberries that would be our dessert over angel food cake.  I kept enough berries for tomorrow and shared some with our behind-the-fence neighbors, Frank and Darlene.

After all this work and all this heat it was relaxing to chow down with these great burgers, red-skinned potato salad, and the most amazing corn on the cob. This is the 2nd time Apples has offered such sweet corn that you'd think it was right out of the field.

Suddenly I looked up and said, Robert!  There's a Robin eye-ing the waterfall.  And we watched excitedly as the Mr. Robin (Gibb) hopped all around and backed off, and back up to the waterfall.  He first drank from the lower portion. Then flew to the fence and preened himself. Suddenly he was back down and fearlessly not only took a bath in the water, he went behind and stuck his head under the falls and had himself a perfectly great shower. Can you spy him?  I had to take these pictures through the kitchen window, screen and all.  Then he flew to the top and drank from that top portion.  This is going to be so much fun.  I hope he tells his friends.

I talked with Jocelyn and Dawn and got texts from Cara who's with the kids in DC.  Saw M2T2 so that only leaves NHB not checking in. But each have honored those veterans in our families and in the world in one way or another. Connor, now a trumpeter, can now You're a Grand Ol' Flag for his family's flag raising. They have this wonderful tall flagpole in the backyard.  Perfect for any patriotic occasion.

I am grateful I have this free country to live in, kept sacred by the blood of those who worked and continue to work to keep tyranny away from us from to keep it away from within.  Jill and I have talked about the fact we all have missions to perform while in mortality.  We sometimes have to guess at what we are supposed to do. Other times we know immediately.  And in each day we need to be watchful and vigilant so we can act when we need to act.

God Bless America and all people everywhere who choose freedom, if only within their own minds/hearts until that day when all people can be free.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds like a perfect though hot your waterfall and your yard sounds wonderful!

LeAnn said...

It sounded like a lovely day. My husand would have loved it if we had stayed home this weekend and worked in our yard. We went to my hometown to decorate graves instead; which was awesome. We were able to visit with my sweet Aunt who is 90 years old.
I loved your waterfall and I think I will get one myself. Loved the pictures.

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