Wednesday, April 25, 2012

this last week....FUN

This has been a super week.  Not full of anything spectacular but when you have fun, it's all spectacular.

Monday night was our Bookclub this month.  Ken was on vacation so we hit the Moosehead Grill and Restaurant in Amherst. The men sat at one table and we bookies sat at another.  The night began as a Pinning Ceremony between Linda Stafford and me.  A couple Sundays ago, in RS a sweet sister turned around and referred to us as the Muppet Geezers.  Linda and I loved it.  We finally decided that I will be Waldorf and she will be Statler.  At first I said I would find us tee shirt with these old curmudgeons and we would wear them under a suit jacket on a Sunday but really, neither of us was going to do this.  So I started a hunt.  Found these:

They originally came as pierced earrings on those wirey things...but neither of us have holes in our heads nor ears.  But I bought them, went in search of findings so I could alter them.  These findings were perfect...still for pierced ears but thanx to the lovely round backings my mom left scads of they will be lapel pins with the muppets hang down.

We each got one and will wear it as a pin.  I hope you know these geezers. They have the perfect humor, and as the friend said, always get the best seats, best lines.  Linda and I love our new monikers.  Plus we loved the food and the discussion on Jane Eyre.  It is Linda who drew the comparison with her name EYRE and how altho she started as a pauper ended up as an HEIR.

Today (Wednesday) I started the day seeing my wonderful podiatrist.  I was able to get another cortisone shot, promised that if I keep up the exercises of stretching 3x day and rolling my food against the frozen water bottle I would once again be able to wear heels, sandals, and flats.  CANNOT WAIT.  I see him again in 3 weeks and he thinks I'll be done.  Yay!

This is the day my mom died 8 years ago and Bonpapa had his brain aneurism explode 4 years ago (altho he officiall breathed his last on the next day, he had already moved along).  So I took a trip to the cemetery and brought flowers from our yard since some of them were mom's.  I had considered buying a bouquet but knew how much these 2 great people loved their yard.

I was going to stop in at Stitch Cleveland in Lakewood so I stopped in first to see Marissa and Henry, who were outside eating lunch and chalk drawing.  We walked to the Elmwood Bakery and I bought a bunch of desserts for Robert.  I bought one of each and we shared, not least not yet.  Best of all, they  have butter rings in the mornings at 7am.  I am going to be there one morning and get me one!

And for dinner?  Page 100 in the latest Food Network Magazine.  These are TriTip Steaks (thanx to Kathy Trefethen's introduction almost 2 years ago) grilled as well as grilled zucchini and red skinned potatoes.  But do you see the Epi?  On my way home from Cleveland Stitch, I passed the Blackbird Bakery which is actually a French bakery...with incredible breads.  I knew Robert would enjoy bread and the herbed dipping oils.  I had protect my portion of the Epi but got to thinking.  What I need is a hearth oven insert.  I started looking and have found i need Hank to give me his real opinion.  Hank will make a hearth oven for his backyard one day or probably even own his own pizzaria which will be famous as he will be.   But for now, I just depend on him for helpful hints.

I had taken a book out of the library...The Italian Baker Revised by Carol Field.  It held such promise that I ordered one.  My first attempt at ciabatta was a total failure, we gnawed at some and then I tossed the rest.  The book and Hank and Marissa reminded me that it all takes practice.  So practice I will do.

What's left of the week?  I don't know for sure but I hope it will still be fun.    I know that Friday night Robert and I will join Jill for a dinner at Don Tequilla's and then will watch Mary Beth's city-wide musical production of Willy Wonka.  Saturday...maybe Michigan, maybe Columbus, maybe just Sheffield Lake.  But life is good and holds such promise.  Not to mention a promise of eternal life...but I hope that time is a bit later.


Kate said...

The muppet thing cracks me up!

Lin Floyd said...

good to read your blog, I've missed your posts...I love your pins-I don't have pierced ears either...and won't during this! looks like you are having fun!

LeAnn said...

I enjoyed reading your experiences. You seem to be a very fun person; with a busy life of course. I am glad I popped in today.

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