Monday, April 02, 2012

photos and thoughts in April

Sophia sent me a Play Along Photo of the Day for April..along the lines of February's plan.  So here goes.   First is my reflection taken in my dining room table.  I know it's an odd choice and yes you can see the camera and my finger.  But I have been able to spend the weekend thinking a lot about what I see when I see myself in any reflection.  I chose the table top because sometimes I feel like this...a bit there but a bit out of focus. For example,  I tell people about the final Broadway show in next season's offering and some want me to get them tickets. Others who truly are afraid of themselves, their shadows, their reflections, afraid of having to actually enjoy themselves as they laugh at themselves..those people concern me.  If they live in cloistered virtue they are fine. Sadly, we don't live in a cloister, at least I don't.  And I most definitely can laugh at myself.  So that's why I chose that reflection.  I ran into a friend last Saturday, Gary, who said I reminded him suddenly of my mom and then he went on to compliment her.  And I took those compliments to my heart...for my mom and for me.  I would like to be like her in many ways and in others know I can never compare. But I can try to be as good or better.

Today's suggestion was COLOUR...
 And I went out and decided that among all the flowers that so abound this spring, this cluster of buds from our treelawn bring me the greatest joy everytime I look out my bedroom window...and I look out often so see the tree fully white. And hey, white is the combination of all colorrs, right?  So why not choose this.  I am most definitely a black and white person.  I don't think there's much grey in me (other than my hair which gets Clairol-ed).  That being said, if there is white in me, then there must be all the other colours in the world in me...and that's OK. Thank you, Tree!  You are lovely and reflect Him who made you.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh yeah! the photos are back!

Lin Floyd said...

I love spring flowers...reflections is an interesting topic!

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