Saturday, April 14, 2012

FOUND on April 13

Yesterday during dinner, I announced to Robert to tomorrow we would be cleaning out the garage.  He replied, YAY! and we started immediately after we ate.  There's no holding down my man.  In fact, I told him when he retires, he's gonna have a problem cuz he will NOT sit still.  So the garage got a good trashing and we are happy that Monday is the 3rd Monday when the trashmen will take extra bags.

 I was working on the top of the freezer and the shelf way up high along the wall. I had taken down a couple things when I took down this box.

Carefully I looked inside and found this.  A box filled with old photo albums, this reel to reel audio tape from my grandfather's funeral, what appears to be 8mm home movies but I'm not sure about what's on those.  Somehow I have to find out.  But the treasuretrove of pictures took my breath away.  I'll post these here but know that tomorrow I start to scan them all, highest resolution possible.  And fortunately they will be added the to digital scrapbook I am compiling for my mom, then to be made into a hardback book.  That was my only 2012 goal.

I have no idea why these treasures were in the garage or who put them there. I could have been the one to do this but I truly doubt it.  I know better than that!  But I must say I am grateful we cleaned the garage.
 My grandfather Richard James Holman is in this picture, wearing what appears to be his rugby scarf around his neck
 My mother's graduating class...she's on the right end, front row.  She was Salutatorian

 My grandfather again...the concert pianist (whose piano I posses and treasure) and opera singer.
This is my mother's younger brother, Junior, who died by falling into a cystern.  He looks so much like my cousin Richard did.

I am almost CERTAIN there is one picture of my mother's birth father, the creep, drunk, abusive man, the one we 'hate and wouldn't want to date (thanx XFiles for that quote that I use all the time)', Joseph Morley Thomas. The one we lay no claim to.  You know if you click on the pictures you can see them enlarged.  A camera taking a picture of a photo isn't the best way to see them but it'll do for this entry.

This find just made me happy, so very happy.  Again, I say...I have no recollection of putting these pix in the garage but I am only so happy that I have them today.  To look at.  To wonder about.  To touch.  To remember and to pretend.


Dawn Mercedes said...

What a treasure to find...and to treasure for years and generations to come!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

So amazing!!!

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