Saturday, April 14, 2012

14th How I feel today..HAPPY

Robert started Mudding the family room wall where Dawn and Hillary removed the wallpaper.  Plus we had breakfast at Athena's (and decided New York Deli in Lorain has better), and tonight we see another Broadway Series offering....The Addam's Family.  It's a great day!  ( but I need a separate person to take pictures!)

Today in Lorain County is the Mudder's Race ... some stupid Colosseum type event drawing 10,000 people. Includes mud, ice cold water, electrical shocks.  I mean really? this makes for a unity  experience? We have about 4 runners from our ward so I am certain that come Fast Meeting, their testimonies will not be about Jesus Christ...but about Mudders.  Inane! So anyway to get back to my happiness...we have a great mudder's day ourselves.

1 comment:

Lin Floyd said...

what an accomplished hubby you have who can muddy!

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