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march 1 cheerleading

First a word from our Blogger:  before we get to the topic today, I wanted to make mention of the passing of Cara's favorite Monkee, Davy Jones (mine was Mickey Dolenz in case you wanted to know).  What a handsome young man Davy was...cute then, handsome as he aged.  He loved his horses and his friends and kept his friendship with Mickey, even touring with him up til last year. Today as I drove, I happened to hear a Monkee's song and then looked at the XM radio listing.  Loved how it was a tribute to Davy! RIP

Now to the blog of the day:

I  really enjoyed February's plan to take a pix and blog about something different every day (thanx Sophia for sharing that one).  I mentioned to Dawn that it was a nice way to blog because it gave me something to think about when I took the assigned photo topic. And she suggested I find something to do for March.  So we did a search and came up National Weeks....This might be fun....not promising I'll have pix or thoughts on all of them but I'm going to give it a try.

 This is NATIONAL CHEERLEADING WEEK...and I have to wonder if those great cheerleading competitions will be on ESPN at all.  Lately, when the handbook of instructions changed the emphasis of the leaders to wards, as we serve in the Stake, we have less and less to do.  So Marina said we just need to be cheerleaders.  She's right ( but I assure you this is very boring).  I liked it better when we had an active role but I also recognize that this is the better way to handle local issues.

So then I had to think about my kids.  I had one official high school cheerleader, Jocelyn.  I remember when she went to try out.  I actually feared her achieving this goal.  I wasn't too big on the characters of the previous girls who where cheerleaders.  On the night of the audition, I drove up to get her and didn't see her anywhere but the foyer was filled with sobbing girls who did not make it.  I made some offhand comment to one of Jocelyn's friends, something along the lines of how cheerleaders graze on the grass or something like that...heard in some movie.  Went in search of my daughter, only to find her outside and she wasn't crying for herself because she had made the squad but she was sad for those who didn't. Thus started cheerleading.

But before that, my kids were always cheering for something or someone.  They cheered on the football team with band participation.  They cheered on friends.  They could be heard loud and clear in the stands at basketball games.

My personal biggest cheerleader is Dawn....I talk to her at least once a day.  It may be long, or it may be nothing more than a quick, "how's it going?"  I commented just last year that if I were single, living alone, at least I knew Dawn would know if I didn't answer the phone 2 days in a row she'd come running to check on me.  And altho I don't look forward to being alone, that thought gives me comfort.  I hear from other friends whose kids all check in on them AND on their siblings daily.  I think it's nice.  Really nice.  It's not what my kids do but it is nice.

When Jordan got to high school, only Marissa was left there for one more year but always his sisters supported what he did.  In the picture below even baby Connor (held by Dawn) got into the support by wearing a t-shirt that said MY UNCLE IS...followed by friend Alia, sisters Marissa and Jocelyn whose back of the shirts spelled out Jordan's name.

The front of the tshirts read #40.
Above and below are pictures of the Spirit Rock at Brookside.  Someone really loved Jordan that week....

Personally I loved this Spirit Rock except for one time.  A friend of Marissa's killed himself and the kids went nuts, honoring him by spray painting RIP comments on trees, on crosswalks, on the rock. And NO ONE would touch that rock.  It stayed that way for weeks and it drove the parents crazy.  The kids were not honoring their friend, they were giving more attention to the suicide.

And altho it's been since what? 1997? and I am fearful of even admitting this here and now...but one morning about 5am, my friend Chris (who now suffers terribly from MS) and I dressed in black and went to the Rock armed with cans of spray paint and  painted something else on it, hiding every time a car went by (we were such chickens) and then went out for breakfast.  I heard the kids were all accusing everyone else of violating the mourning tributes.  Personally Chris nor I cared.  We just had had enough of such grieving.  From then on the rock returned to being painted at least once a week.  Perhaps what we did wasn't so terrible after all.

In light of the tragedy at Chardon High School Monday, I wonder if perhaps every student needs a little cheerleading.  I know there was a great big worry last night and this morning because of some sort of threat aimed at a bunch of BHS kids.  It's finals week but I know several parents were worried about sending their kids.  I drove to BHS to pick up the winter sports award certificates that need to be calligraphied and was happy there were, indeed, police presence there.  But I parked next to the cop car, got in and out as fast as I could. As I stopped to chat with the Vice Principal about WVa football, I saw Cheryl, the attendance secretary calling parents of the students who did not show up today.   I would guess if I had heard about this threat, my kids would have been kept home, too.  Supposedly the threat was made by someone posing as a BHS student on some social network but the account is ficticious.  So far all is quiet at the high school and I sure do hope the officials find out who the prankster was.

I love it that my kids have chosen to cheer on their kids, their parents, their kids' friends, etc....this cheering deal has a ripple effect, doesn't it? So how about going out and cheering for someone unknown today.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thanks, that was fun to read! You little rebel!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Go! Mom, Go!! Can't wait to keep reading this month's blogging entries...

but wait, since youare commenting on weekly themes, there will only be weekly posts?

Lin Floyd said...

we all need cheerleaders-supportive friends...thanks!

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