Thursday, March 08, 2012


Wow...I've gone from Nationals whatever to International today.  Seems rather fitting for me because I'm waiting for my ride to the RS birthday dinner.  Talk about women.

I think Women's Lib went too far.  And continues on this wayward track. But in the same light I think there are some men around still who think they are the kings of the universe and treat their women horribly.  And they are the ones who perpetrate this attitude by showing this way of life to their sons. Sad and wrong.

I don't know how to fix this, even within and among my own family and friends.  In these cases, the women just get knuckled under.  I was blessed in that I don't have to experience this.  So I really am clueless.  And again, personally, I think these types of men need to be womanhandled by the women who are more like me.  A good clubbing is fine with me.

But today we can celebrate women. So no matter what situation you are in, be glad you are a woman and take joy in that difference even if you don't have the best life.

And finally, that last comment reminded me of a time I went to Youth Conference at MSU.  A couple of us girls did not want to attend the BIG speaker but we got caught hiding and were waltz into the meeting, up the center aisle.  The speaker (can't be sure but I think her name was Elaine Cannon) was to the point she was having the girls stand up and recite:  I'm glad to be a woman.  You can guess that with my cronies, I stood and chanted at the same time:  "Wish I were a man."

And I am sure there are many of you out there who still wish that. But for me, I got through that phase (and that lecture) and am happy to be a woman.

How lovely to be a woman, the wait was well worthwhile
How lovely to wear mascara, and smile a woman's smile
How lovely to have a figure, that's round, instead of flat
And when the boys are whistling, you're what they're whistling at!

Thank you Bye, Bye Birdie...and Ann Margaret!


Lin Floyd said...

You are truly!

Kate said...

I'm glad to be a woman as well, despite my "I wish I was guy" phase. And like you, I've been blessed with an amazing, gentle, selfless husband and can only hope I'm raising my son to become one.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Sometimes the way is too LONG! :)

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