Wednesday, March 07, 2012

from my friend

This is a paragraph from my friend's blog. The last sentence is why I'm copying it here:  I would like to send this thought out to all my readers wherever.  You don't have to have a home in turmoil but if you do, start today with that thought.  Announce it to the family.

 And one last thing...we have made it VERY clear to both, K and K, we do not want details, we do not want to hear "he said, she said". We do not want their drama impacting our lives in any other way than taking care of Z.  Leave the drama far from our home. As D said, "Our home has been dedicated as a place of peace, a refuge from the world and that is the way it will remain."

OUR HOME HAS BEEN DEDICATED AS A PLACE OF PEACE, A REFUGE FROM THE WORLD AND THAT IS THE WAY IT WILL REMAIN.  Then have a prayer said, and then say:  NOTHING LESS WILL BE ACCEPTABLE IN THIS HOME.  Finally make a pact with each family member.  And if you are the mom, then you will need to be the one who ignores, doesn't allow, anything but peace.  Try for a softer tone, a gentler way.  Give up yourself for awhile and make everyone else and their needs come first...for awhile.

Thanx to my friend.,

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Lin Floyd said...

good thought but easier said than done...act don't react

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