Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yesterday I was going through my Blog from 2011 to edit out the entries I didn't want to keep before sending it off to be put into hardcopy and bound.  I always notice that occasionally, usually, probably always, some stuff are important for the minute or the day and then they get edited out.  Others are just silly and can't be lost.  The following is one of those.

Sunday night Dawn skyped me and asked if Jordan and Hillary and babes were safe in Columbus. Seems her friend who lives in Hilliard was hunkered down as the tornado sirens roared.  I quickly called.  Hillary answered the phone and with a funny (in my hearing) sort of voice, she said, "I'll give the phone to him."  Where was he?  Outside, on the front lawn, under a tree, in a tent with his family.  They were watching the storm and the rain and the hail and a branch being whipped right off the tree by the winds...all the while the sirens were blaring.  They were having a gay ol' time.  Miss Lily wondered if Daddy could fix the broken 'tree'. He said, No. She said, OK, Momma will.

Now I'm shreiking!  Get out of that tent. Get to the basement.  Naturally he didn't see what the fuss was all about.  Eventually he moved the tent to the open garage so they could continue to watch the storm.  Still shrieking, I insisted BASEMENT. So down he went and then Skyped to prove to me to that he was, indeed, safe in the basement.  Next follows the FBing comments.

Can u imagine living in a city with tornado sirens blaring and you are sitting in a tent with your fam, watching the storm, seeing a tree limb fall and NOT GOING DIRECTLY TO BASEMENT? WATCHING FROM THE GARAGE while I repeatedly say, " go to the basement". It never gets easy being a parent I tell you. Teehee!

And that was how it was.  And I was laughing and tearing so hard I could not even read the comment about the things I said as my kids were growing up. Because it was all so very true.  I did say all those things and all the time.  And Lady was our wonderful dog.  But today I assured Niko, I would look for him first and scoot us  to the basement. Having moved my stampin' cuttin' sewin' station upstairs, I know have the perfect place to protection us.

BUT BEFORE I FORGET...THE NEXT THING ON YOUR LIST OF THINGS TO GET, are helmuts. The following day, a weather lady mentioned the need to have helmuts on when you are hiding from the storms so at least you can try and avoid a head injury.  I have lots of old pillows and futons to drag over us...just in case.


Lin Floyd said...

helmets would help-but perhaps too much to remember all that. Glad we don't have tornados here although there is a nearby town named!

Cara said...

In Michigan I had a dream that prompted me to buy life preserver jackets. Jake thinks it's crazy but not me. So I bought him one too. One day he'll appreciate it as well as the portable toilet. "I am not a boy. So you boys can do all you want outside and Ella and I will sit right here"

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