Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 wheeling it

The post below was recorded by Q, son to Sophia and Doug. You need to read her blog entry for this adventure...it's perfect! And what a great surprise for the kids to come home to, and to leave for, and to enjoy.

Robert and I actually got to spend a few days at this very cabin with them years ago.  When Sophia said Cabin, I'm thinking rustic.  Was I surprised to find this amazing lodge!  These people, met years ago in Lorain, living far far away, will always remain in my heart and head as 2 of the best ever.

Oh, if only every kid could come home to a surprise like this once in a while.


Lin Floyd said...

what a fun family time...

Sophia C. said...

Susan, you're too kind! We did have a fun weekend and I can't help but smile when I remember our time at the ranch together with you all those years ago! Love you BIG!


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