Saturday, February 25, 2012

a visit with NHB

It's so much fun to hold a new baby.  But it always seems that I take the pix and when it's time for me to get a good picture of me with whomever, the babes are tired.  I didn't get Miss Lily fingerpainting but I will hope Hillary sends me a few and I'll post them as well.  Just before we left, Baby 'Obert woke up so we had a couple of minutes to play with him, sadly Lily was sleeping.

Earlier Robert was taken with this page of Baby 'Obert's book:
but the worst moment came when Robert and I returned from the temple, took a quick look at Jordan and then did a double take.  Today he was either ref'ing or playing church basketbrawl.  This happened during a game he was playing in.  Look how fast his eye is starting to bruise, both from the inner eye as well at the corner.  Would love to see it tomorrow.  You can follow the abrasion downward and see where the whole hand or arm whacked him.  I still say that church ball ought to be eliminated.  I hate this Saturday event big time.


Dawn Mercedes said...

yeppers!! robbie is cuter than daddy! haha

Lin Floyd said...

poor Jordan, good to see the two Roberts together...

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