Thursday, February 09, 2012

feb 9...front door

I have always been a backdoor person.  All my life, actually.  My friends know to come to the back door. At least they did til we moved up here. Even at 809.  Friends knew to come to the back door.  Funny story:  I was at 809 for a PC party and as the hostess was busy, I was asked to go answer the front door. In came Laura who whispered to me, "this is so wierd!  I only remember coming to back door."  I smiled cuz Laura is just a few years older than Dawn and altho she's a total adult, I can still see her as a kid.  But up at 3830 the only way to come, is to come to the front door.  Roger installed this beautiful door (and the one that leads to the patio) after Mom died and I remarked then, "Oh how she would have loved this door!"  It was her type of door....and it's become my type now as well.

So to hark back to a previous post, when I open this door, I do indeed "open a new door."    I hope this door always remains as opening and as inviting as any of my other front doors have been.  It should be open to new friends, old friends, surprise packages (like the gorgeous plant that was sitting there last night from my Monday piano students and family), new adventures, incredible weather (but not the horrid midgies in June!), new truths, newspapers, happy thoughts, and glorious sun.

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Lin Floyd said...

lots of applications to other areas of our lives too.

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