Wednesday, February 08, 2012

feb 8...sun

WAIT....THE SUN CAME OUT AND I NEARLY BLINDED MYSELF TO GET THIS PIX.  CAN YOU  SEE THE SUN, RIGHT ABOUT THE EVERGREEN TREE?  LIKE  A TREE TOPPER?  I was upstairs folding clothes when I realized the sun were out and raced downstairs to snap this and add it to the start of my blog which had already been posted...but read on to see my other 'suns' previously posted remember!  But look at this sky carefully.  Isn't it beautiful?!

It's my birthday...I'm 63 today.  I took off to Macy's cuz they were having a sale.  Sadly, no skirts, no dresses. At all.  And do they really think I want to be wearing animal prints and/or nothing but reds?  Nah!  However, I did find 2 nice shirts for Robert.  Then I came home. Walked into the kitchen and started to walk very slowly...there on the counter was a helium-filled birthday balloon and a pan of 9 cupcakes. I had to think who in the world got into my house and how.  Other than my kids I only know of 1 or 2 people who have the keycode to the garage.  Even slower I walked to the counter and realized there was a card and a gift.  So...sneaky Holly knew how to break into my home and she does not have the keycode (tho I truly thought she might have it since she's taken care of Nix). Along with these surprise items was an OveGlove.  So cool....Thanks Wares. The kids actually decorated the cupcakes and the one in the middle will be one of my 'suns' for the day. The other sunny delights are these:   I always used to eat these when we went to Euclid Beach.
I realize I could go outside and take a picture of the sun but right now but it's enjoying a little relaxation behind my favorite grey skies.

And to finish off my 'sun'  assignment, with no shortchanging my daughters who are the loves of my feminine life, here's the son my life with the son of his life to date.


heather said...

Happy Birthday! Glad it's a SUNNY day!

Lin Floyd said...

happy birthday, you've been blessed with a lovely family and are a loving matriarch! congrats!

Photographs by Holly Ware said...

So glad you had a happy birthday Susan!!!! It was a pleasure breaking into your house to leave a surprise!!!! We love you so much and want you to know that we are so blessed to be able to call you our friend. xoxoxo ~Holly Ware

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