Saturday, February 04, 2012

Feb 5...strangers

Robert has tried 4x to get his truck licensed/tagged.  Always there's a problem. Last night was no except.  After a long day at the grist mill, I mean steel mill, he tried again.  This time he didn't have his checkbook with him, having forgotten to transfer it from the Vanaganagain to Muddy Mudskipper.  He tried using his credit card (wrong) in their ATM but it wouldn't work (of course).  And he didn't remember he had plenty of money in his wallet (an unusual have money).  So he comes home and asks if I would go up this morning.

I was instructed to walk right in, go directly to the desk and pay the money and get the new plates..  "Saturdays are insane there" he was told.  The bureau paid for the plates because Robert had started the process and I needed to reimburse the bureau.

So I was sitting there at 7:50am, waiting in the car until I realized that everyone was getting out of their cars to stand in line, outside the locked door.  I was 5th in line and  I could have just gone up to the desk, past all these strangers who would not have known why I was getting special treatment.  Instead, I took a number and sat down. I did not want to be one of THOSE strangers.  My wait was probably 4 minutes long, but time enough for me to snap a picture of these strangers.  They were very nice people, at least from their chatting in the cold.  Husband and wife together.  It was nice to see.
 But knowing about this photo challenge today, I got to thinking about strangers.  I have met the best people, all strangers...and even tho for the most part, they have remained strangers, for that short time that we interacted, we found common things to share.

Case in point, from the bureau I went to Kohl's because I had a $10 birthday card from Kohl's itself.  I figured I could find (and did) something on their 80% clearance rack.  As I was checking out, I handed the clerk my driver's license.  I had just about completed my purchase when she asked me what I thought about the property tax increase.  I just stared blankly at her...Kohls?  Property Tax? Turns out she lives in the Village and I live in the Lake.  And yessiree...that new high school that got voted in really did increase our taxes (I wondered why it was so high and had forgotten about the high school), and supposedly it will be built and it will increase our property values.  All of which I truly doubt.  I don't trust any of these people who run the schools and am just grateful my kids are done. And for whatever reason, I still am involved and hear amazing things, particularly out of the high school.  Because it was so early, there were few people around so we had a good time bashing a certain Tim who thinks he knows it all, gets his wife her jobs (nothing like nepotism), wants to be treasurer (is he?), barely does his own job now and this comes from almost all the schools in our district.  He was a 'bigwig' in his own business in the village and I guess if you own your own business you have all the credentials you need to sit in your office and BS everyone around.  Anyway...this clerk and I had a lot to chat about and agree with.  It's always great to have someone who will agree with you and who actually started the conversation. PHEW!  so glad to get that off my chest!

So today's salute is to strangers...maybe we always be one, and meet one, and enjoy each other.

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Lin Floyd said...

so once we have it off our chest, then what?...

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