Sunday, February 05, 2012

feb 5...10am

Well, this February Foto challenge just turned into a real challenge for me.  Today's challenge was 10am...but it's also Sunday.  By now everyone knows where I am at 10am.  And we all know that cameras aren't a part of worship, generally speaking.  So before our meeting began, I took this picture:

When the new hymnbooks were announced, our ward didn't have much money to buy them, so someone (I think it was my mom, actually) came up with the idea to ask the members, if they could afford it, and wanted to, would they buy a hymnal or more and donate it to the ward.  We were all so excited when  the boxes of hymnals started to arrive. Then someone (again I!  I know it was my mom) decided I should calligraphy each giver's name in the front.  I didn't mind doing it but as all the years have passed, it is such a delight to sit down and open a hymnal and remember the person who donated it. Some have died. Some have moved away.  Others just aren't sitting in the pews with us for whatever reason. I was there early today (as usual) so I started hunting through each book to find one that I could quickly use my iPad to photograph.  The first one opened was donated by parents of a little boy had died at birth.  Didn't want to record that.  The next 5 were donated by a really good friend of mine, Ron.  There were some odds and ends. Ken B asked me what I was doing.  Knowing Ken B I figured it would be safe to tell him I was looking for someone I liked.  I knew we could chuckle over it.  Then David started looking in the books and reading off the names in hopes it was the one I was looking for. Finally, I realized we were having too much fun (which I must say we have a lot of in this restored and rejoicing) and decided that the very next one I opened would be the one I used.  How cool is it that it was donated by Robert and me. But what mom didn't know her kid had a crayon and was marring the book?

So the meeting progressed.  I looked around at people, remembering how much fun I had looking at strangers yesterday and thought about my friends.  Then I looked to my right...and then up at the clock and it said 10am. And I thought to myself: am I going to do this, surreptitiously?  Really?  And when Jill and Mary Beth see this are they going to hit me? And did I care?  Nah...not so much.  This is what I saw when I looked to my right:
I had to chuckle within myself. These are 2 amazing women. They are faithful and kind.  They are creative and can have fun.  They enjoy Friday afternoon movies (which I got invited to join them when Robert was working afternoons but now that he's back on days, I don't go...drats...oughta change that!) and good music.  Mary Beth is more cautious on the internet than most people....definitely a Cara.  Jill is a bit more willing to play online altho last week, one morning at 4am, her iPhone alerted her to a text message.  She knew I am an early riser and thought it was me, even tho 4am was way too early to receive or to send a text. Turns out it was Victoria Secret and she still wonders how they got her number.

Mary Beth is working her iTouch and Jill her iPhone...and honestly, they were looking up scriptures.  I promise you. They are much more reverent than I was.  A short bit later, Sam was at the pulpit to share a moment he had had. . .amounting to how his friends were aghast that he didn't own an iPad and only had 1 TV in his home.  Later Sam's dad, the ever bright Harvard trained lawyer (hate lawyers but not him) Isaac, mentioned that for the first 5 years of his wife's life, she carried water home to her family with a jug on her head (btw, she's from Indonesia) and so she's come a long way into today's technology.  And we had a good laugh.

Me?  You know me!  I love technology!  I love it that my scriptures and manuals are all on my iPhone or iPad. So much easier to carry around.

But that's what I did at 10am...enjoyed communing with The Father who has provided this incredible earth and all the technology I'd ever want, as well as the land, the weather, the Gospel restored, ways to communicate with Him directly that do not require any technology at all.  But that was me today...and what were you doing?  at 10am?


Lin Floyd said...

you are too funny...I still carry my scriptures-good exercise and don't own an!

Kate said...

Cute post. :) At 10am I was editing and polishing my sharing time lesson (we have church at 12:30).

Kate said...

Oh, and I didn't know you had done the calligraphy in those books! Good job! I thought someone had them printed on there!

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