Friday, February 03, 2012

Feb 3 Hands

 Today's challenge is about hands..or a hand at least.  Today was a cleaning day for the most part but I did venture out for a few chores. I looked at the few hands I saw and wondered which ones I should use.  It could have been the ones at JoAnn's Fabric, belonging to the woman who cut my pelon and ribbon.  But they were shrouded in fingerless gloves which were very ratty but I am sure they kept her warm.  And of course, there is always the woman at the McD's drive-thru.  Those are hands I love to see handing me out a very small bag...a treat to drive home with.  But those were the only hands I saw besides mine own.

And what did I notice about my hands? Well, the cuticles need care, the nails need evening up, and why don't I wear polish anymore?  Today I am ringless, not that that is odd.  I have so many rings and wear one or another for most days. But some days, when I am really busy, I end up without any.  And I think about those 2 lovely rings I covet at Paul Christopher's in Playhouse Square.  And oh, yes...I really do want them both, even the diamond one.

But the hands I love most are the ones that will get up at 4:30am to go with me to the YMCA to swim or to work out on the machines. They are the hands that hurry off to work and come home later and later each day.  They are the hands that belong to my male consort, as he has begun to call himself.  They are the hands that make my life complete.  They are the hands that help me up, lies beside me, plants our gardens, cleans our cars, bows in prayer, shovels our walks, and walks the dog.  They play songs on the  piano and to my heart. They are they best!

Last night I watched a stupid show and toward the end this married couple decide they don't love each other anymore and I wondered aloud, "How can you say this?  Why didn't you fix this before you got to this point?" Naturally no one answsered and I chided myself for even talking to these characters but it made me wonder.  What happened to the institution of marriage?  In my generation, when did it go awry?  Why didn't anyone learn from those who went before?  And the next generation? Why don't they care?

Oh, I know that all marriages are not perfect. Some are downright terrible and need to be dealt with.  But then there are those kinds of marriages where the hands work in separate worlds and never really work together.  I think that's why I took the picture I did, above.  Every time I teach another student, we talk about how hands work together to make the lovely music.  Sometimes they must learn one hand at a time but always, ALWAYS, they have to come together to make the music.  So to all my faithful readers, figure out now, before it's too late, how to make your marriage hands work in the same world.  Do it now, please!

and are the paws of both my men!


Lin Floyd said...

fun post, food for thought...

cherrystones said...

I would've wanted to use moisturizer before my hands were photographed. This time of year is brutal!!

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