Wednesday, February 29, 2012

feb 29....what i'm listening to

this is what I listen to while I work on the machines at the YMCA each morning at 5am.

and yes, it is a Stephen King audio novel!

I have so enjoyed this February listing of things to photograph and then am amazed at what the picture tells me, or reminds me.  Some have startled me.  None have I had to search hard to connect.  It just was there!  However, I won't stretch to discuss King since so many of you don't read him and despise him or are afraid of his writings.

But I love my iPhone...totally.  Actually I totally love technology and am amazed that anyone could be this smart!


Dawn Mercedes said...

I don't have an iphone, I think I'm going to die...

and that is a lyric from some song the kids know!

Lin Floyd said...

good for you working out so early in the morning! I'm impressed...

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