Monday, February 27, 2012

feb 27...what I ate

Today is our 477th wedding anniversary and Robert and I went to Rino's for dinner. Rino's is an Italian restaurant in Lorain.  Normally I enjoy it but today, not so much.  Well, I loved the spinach and cheese stuffed chicken but the fettuccini alfredo just tasted off.  I ate some and brought the rest home so Robert could eat it.  Robert had their perch dinner.  He enjoyed that.

Afterwards we headed to the opticians so I could get a new pair of frames for my new lenses.  Oddly, after all these decades at the mill, they are finally offering vision.  But we are a bit limited in where we can get our frames.  I think I might have chosen the wrong place but I figure paying $150 is lots better than paying $798.  And in 2 years, I can get another new pair of frames.  I like the frames...just wanted to return to transitions but they weren't offered.  Oh biggie.  There are always sunglasses and let's face it, I do not usually go out into the sun anyway.

And my opthamologist commented  on what good shape my eyes were in and obviously I took care of them, and kept sunglasses on when outside.  I had to laugh when I told her I don't go out into the sun often...1) because I'm allergic to the environs and 2) because I don't sweat, believe it or not. She replied, "Oh I believe it because I don't sweat either and I am allergic to the sun."  At last, I found someone like me!


Lin Floyd said...

our insurance now gives reduced prices on glasses-hurrah. $700/pair is out of sight...

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh, you need to come up here. Dr. Payne is the best!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

happy anniversary too!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Maybe you picked the right place after all!

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