Saturday, February 25, 2012

feb Who would have imagined that on Feb 25, 2012, we would be experiencing green growth in our gardens outside, particularly when the stupid weathermen predicted 80" of snow this winter.  If we are to get 80" it's going to be one wild and crazy March, April, May?  June?  say it won't be!

But out front, in our little island, I noticed these had popped up just this morning.  By the size I am guessing  I didn't see them yesterday but you never know.  And as I looked all over the front garden, there are scads of these things, all kinds, all greenery waiting to flower.  Love it...

Then there's these buds.
They are on the primroses I've been buying.  I bought some for each family that came to dinner Sunday and to take as a hostess gift to Robin on Monday night. Under each primrose are the future buds. Is not the green color so warm and rich?  Today I stopped in at Giant Eagle in Amherst and they were totally on since I intend to have primrose path, I picked up some more. This is what the primroses look like:

  All I need to do is keep them watered, give them some nutrients like Miracle Gro plant food and save them til it's truly warm outside.  As each flower or leave dies, I pinch it off and there are those wonderful buds ready to bloom, hiding quietly underneath, keeping warm and happy. AND THEY ARE PERENNIALS...or so I was told.

Molly from 809 is now into full Nesting Mode.  And eating...She is totally due with Baby Amelia and we hope it happens soon on it's own (i'm writing this on Friday since we'll be Cbus this weekend)..but if not, Baby Amelia will be here today for sure. But for now Amelia is hiding right underneath her mama's heart, snuggling close until she begins that treacherous trip to mortality.  Welcome wee one!  Molly and Mark's own little primrose.

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