Friday, February 24, 2012

feb 24...bathroom cabinet

In my bathroom, there is no cabinet.  I have a full closet/cupboard.  Most of the shelves are filled with towels, the bottom has a container with various meds, 2 hot curler sets (and yes, periodically, I do drag them out and give the curls a whirl) and a vaporizer which I never remember I have when I need it.

But there is one shelf, the middle one which has always stored a variety of thing when my mom lived.  And I kept it that way when I moved up here.  However, it seems to be the perfect place to stash items and then forget about them being there. So about a month ago, I did a total clean, toss and destroy mission.  And then was sad at how empty the shelf looked.  It so totally reminded me of how certain other shelves in the hall linen closet looked when my mom died and bonpapa went on a clean, toss and destroy mission...altho I really think Paula might have done the good deed.  When I opened that closet I was really sad to see it so empty.  There's something about the passing of a person and the empty shelves that are left...makes me a bit ... hmmm.. well, empty.

However, I have one whole shelf dedicated to my BBW stuff.  It's not the most organized area but I always know where everything is and can put my hand right on it!

I suppose that's what is good about our individual organizational skills. When the kids were all wee ones, I put put everything I wanted them to not get on top of the frig.  I know it was a horror show for my mom but I always knew exactly where everything was in my house, particularly on top of the frig.  Now...with no kiddies running amok, I often have no clue where what I want is now stashed.  Shame on me.  But when I look into the bathroom's closet, and see that empty shelf, I am prompted to continue on throughout the whole house in this manner

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Lin Floyd said...

organizing clutter is a never ending task...

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