Thursday, February 23, 2012

feb shoes

If you looked at my photo of the closet, you would have seen all the boxes my shoes are stored.  But for this entry I have opted to show the one pair that I wear the most often.  Daily in some cases.  These are Crocs Rx. Specifically made Crocs for people with heel spurs and planter faciitis.  I also have a pair of winter Crocs, lined in fluffy white which give me the same sort of relief.  Was so grateful to have Nissa tell me about these when I first developed these heel spurs and ordered them online immediately.

The topic of shoes made me think about where we walk, physically and mentally.  Jocelyn posted a FB link of a woman who stood up in an airplane vs the man viewing child porn on his iPad.  I really was interested in the comments of people who had replied to Jocelyn's posting.  It was rather pathetic by many excuses. I tried to think it was just a matter of trying to fix the original thoughts, but I also think it was a way to make oneself seem so accepting and loving.  I think the time to take that stance is long past...either in shoes or out of them. But it's hard at times.  No one ever wants to offend a friend or a family member but there are times that offense is not what is intended but instruction is.

I think it's time to find which shoes actually pinch our toes enough to allow us to stand and toss the shoes, figuratively, at those who are so stupid.  Evil is rampant.  Yet sometimes what we see as innocence is not viewed the same way as others see it, sadly.

So let's see what kind of shoes you are wearing today?  Are you willing to speak up and be heard OR shut up and allow evil to continue, even if for only a plane ride?

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Lin Floyd said...

I have a pair of well worn crocs just like you. I agree we need to speak out at injustices...

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