Sunday, February 19, 2012

feb 19.....something I hate to do

We had 3 couples join us for dinner today.  They were so willing to help with the dishes but I sent them on home...just delighted with the conversation and laughs.  Besides, I told them, I have a dishwasher and Robert. Both do the dishes very well...and on Bonpapa's birthday remembrance, I always remember how he ALWAYS would do the dishes.  So Roger and Robert...great cleanup crew.  But me? Even though I did wash the dishes, I hate doing dishes.  But I also hate a dirty kitchen and dirty countertops and especially dirty stove top.  So we are now clean and ready to start the new week.

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Lin Floyd said...

It's nice to have a hubby that will do the dishes. Mine will so all I have to do is

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