Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 Phones...who in the world can live without phones these days?  I have cordless all over my home and seldom leave my iPhone at home.  Totally indispensible! I got our first one when I had my daycare business in the home at 809 so I could run after the wee ones but not have to stay at the location of the phone.   BUT.............
I am a firm believer in having a landline phone...which we do, indeed, have.  And I recommend everyone to have on even if they do not have them plugged in all the time...but make sure it's handy.  This one of ours is in the basement.  There's a really cute commercial on TV now and I just saw it last night.  A couple were going out to eat, reminding their adult son how they could call and keep track of him no matter what.  The kid even suggested that the power might go out.  And the dad responds that their phone doesn't need electricity.  And as the parents go out the front door, they say to what appears to be no one, 'sorry boys, the party's off' or words to that effect.  And then you see the boys pop up their heads from within the shrubbery.  Drats.  So cute but so true.

But in this day and age, we rely on our connections.  We hope to be able to find our family on Skype, or by email, or by cellphone.  Luckily the Father doesn't need any such contraption to allow us to connect to Him.


Lin Floyd said...

how true...we certainly rely on many phones-gone are the day of only one phone per home or!

Dawn Mercedes said...

we have ours!! in the desk in the kitchen. although...the kids have no idea to use it! haha

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