Saturday, February 11, 2012

feb 11....what makes me happy

Among other things.....

This is what Saturday usually looks like around here but today I've added a Danish Butter Ring which hopefully will be like the magnificent Hough Bakery Butter Rings from yesteryear. My new friend Marty had this recipe and said it was incredible and mailed it to me to try.  But it has to rise for 2 hours...just how am I supposed to wait 2 hours?  And baking time?  And topping time?  Patience was never my virtue.  But I did discover that Archie's Bakery on Lakeshore Blvd makes a lot of Hough's old recipes.  Next time I'm out my godparents way, I'm going to find Archie's buy up the lot.

For me, knead bread, forming bread is a restful activity and makes me peaceful within.  And eating makes me and Robert very happy. ***and yes, the loaves of bread will be put into their own 'greenhouses."


Dawn Mercedes said...

read this too..and wish I were closer to partake in eating it too!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looks beautiful!

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