Friday, February 10, 2012

feb 10...self portrait

Nothing like having to take a self-portrait for the day's challenge (also funny thing:  Dawn needed a headshot of herself; aka self-portrait and Jocelyn just finished doing one of herself).  So I looked around and tried a few different places and opted for this because it is in the messiest corner of my whole house.  It's next to the frig where my computer sits and everything else.  I repeatedly tredto make it neat and orderly but this is one area that I cannot work in order. I work best here in chaos.  Do you see what's right over my shoulder?  You can't read it but it's my newly-arrived package of glazing sugar from King Arthur, as suggested by my 'friend' Marcy Goldman.  The best line of the package reads:  Specially formulated to dry firm and fast and glossy.  This is what I had wanted in a glaze for donuts.  Not the sappy, drippy sweet junk that's on Krispy Kremes.  I want the good stuff like is found on donuts in granny places, not chains.

I'm a granny. I am not a chain. And I think that most times I am firm, fast and whatever context you want to consider.  I think I fit them all.

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Lin Floyd said...

a glaze huh? I haven't had a doughnut in years but treated myself to one last week-a twist, it was good.

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