Thursday, January 19, 2012


Snowstorm...and I just didn't feel like doing much.  I made pasties for dinner....but while I was starting the pie dough, Patsy called and I forgot to mix in the Crisco....ugh!  The insides were fine...the crust was like playdoh that had hardened.  I could not believe I had done that.

But I enjoyed doing some Zentangle.  I have done this sort of scribbling since I don't know when Upper right corner type was always my favorite)...not as compact as Zentangle is but all the same....  Lin's friend is teaching a class, she's trying her hand at it and I thought I'd post my drawing done today.  It was rather fun doing these compact designs.  I actually enjoyed shading this time, which doesn't show up very well on this scan.   Now, do you think I can go to bed?


Lin Floyd said...

simply lovely my are an artist-isn't it relaxing, great activity for snow or slow!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wow...great zentangle!! I had thought it was horizontal...great that it is so versitile!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I had no idea that you did that!!! Too cool!

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