Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have had a great week so far and it's only Wednesday.  Ever wonder what else will come?

Monday I had the joy of being with Emily and Lauren and teaching them to make bread.  Actually we made cinnamon rolls.  All by hand, no case you were wondering. And drat it all, I forgot to take pictures and I had planned on doing that.  Oh well.  I think there's a lot to be said for being shown how to do something, and making along with.  Not just following along in a book.  To this day, I bless Sister Lillian Juergens who first taught me to handle dough with her spectacular Braided Egg Bread recipe.  I love breads that are homemade.  I'm not as good as Hank is at the artesan style nor his pizza crust...and I might need to have him back for another lesson.

But back to Emily and Lauren.  We met at Emily's home with her huge, marble-topped island.  As the bread dough rose, we sat and chatted.  The rolls were formed.  Emily was more into LARGE rolls, more like Cinnabons...but only by accident, I think.  Lauren's were more my size but I assured her they would be just as good.  I think even she was surprised at how they rose so large while baking.  And naturally, the rolls were slathered with icing when done.

Yesterday was the setup day for the library book sale.  I am secretary of Friends of Domonkas library and was on hand to help.  2 books caught my eye and I was stunned that they were even out on the table for sale.  One was
  Alton Brown, the early years.  I have taken this book out in the past, and copied a few recipes but I couldn't copy all the recipes I wanted.  It was brand new, looked never to have been opened.  I love this man!

Then from LorainSouth Library, (and who knows why they dumped this gem?) there was
Now this is the book I've taken out a couple of times.  All the pictures are on the front/back covers.  But the diagrams on the inside are incredible!  Betsy shows bakers how to 'braid' all sorts of types of breads.  I am happy that Friends get a preview sale, early chance to see the books and buy them.  Worth the $5 to be a Friend.

I think the best part of the library, besides the books, is the chance to serve the library in small ways.  Our family have lived at the library.  We have visited there at least weekly when the kids were young, attended story and craft time.  Years ago, I was in one of their promo videos, harking the praises of library use. Last year I attended the Make Perogis Night and got featured in an online video story for our local newspaper.  One of the girls serviced the library by cleaning off all the sticky due date stickers on the back of the books...and that took work.  It's fun to see the patrons, we love the librarians, and the Friends is a fun group.  And again, it's another blessing of living in Paradise (aka Sheffield Lake) and learning to serve those with whom you live/work/play/laugh/cry.

We were at the Y at 5 this morning to work out on the machines.  Now I have a few piano lessons today plus the Book Club meets tonight.  We are discussing The Fortunate Fall this month and I'm bringing dessert.  Dawn suggested something with apples.  Now I need to hope no one has a  peanut allergy.  Tomorrow I work at the Book Sale...and who knows what else will come my way.

Would you stop by and visit...that's the best way to 'come my way'.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

My my! You sure are having a banner week! Great cook books! I was the one who cleaned the stickies off...for my Personal Progress goal!

Dawn Mercedes said...

boy, we must have opposite weeks! haha...glad yours is going well! A is sad b/c she "throws up every 20 mins!!" I know, I know....and now I'm waiting for the next purge.

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