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Thanksgiving 2011

We had a delightful Thanksgiving weekend this year.  Robert worked til 10pm Wednesday so we started our travel to Columbus on Thursday morning. The drive was quiet as he slept, me driving.  The sun was out and the air crisp.  No 'over the river and thru the woods'. No, 'carrying the sleigh over white and drifted snow.' Everything was breathtaking.  We knew we'd be without the Christensens but they were enjoying the holiday with Steve's parents who were faithfully serving a mission in Atlanta.

Jordan had arisen at 3am to start the smoker and smoked 2 turkeys.  Hillary had the 3rd bird in the oven roasting.  It would be hard to choose which bird was the best. Traditionally, of course it would have to be the roasted one...but untraditionally, you couldn't ask for a better smoked turkey.  Amazing flavor.  Jordan said he stoked the smoker about every 3 hours. Barretts had gone down on Wednesday, we got there about 11 followed immediately by the Trefethens.  Kennedys, minus poor, hard working Jacob, arrived about 1.  And then came the feast.  So much food. So many bodies.  The kids all played well together, all over the house. Don't you just love the new hats they bought at Meijer Thursday night...why wouldn't we shop the sales on Turkey Day...great way to exercise off the food.   I think NHB house was like the tent in HP, that the Weasleys had...that looked small but inside was huge.  Their home just fit everyone perfectly.  It definitely was 'and stay as long as we can'.  And oh the food, and the desserts...and all the wonderful men who did all the clean up while the womenfolk chatted.
 Desserts and more desserts

A very special moment came when Jordan and Hillary presented the Kennedy's with a special granite tombstone, in rembrance of Phineas, their dog who was run over by the school bus.  What a special thing to have in their yard to remember this wonderful dog,,,and I still am hoping they opt for another one. Dogs are the best things to have (Robert took our Niko to his Spa Resort early Wednesday afternoon as he left for work and I'm telling you, I was so lonely!)  Here Cara points out the name and the kids all look at it.  But look down the table at Marissa....I felt the tears as sweet and tender a gift!

Over the river, and through the wood
Trot fast, my dapple-gray!
Spring over the ground like a hunting-hound,
For this is Thanksgiving Day.

Jordan is quite the chef and complement Hillary perfectly.  We had opted to get a motel room and I'll tell you, I am converted to that plan.  The other families who stayed, stayed in the NHB home.  Trefethens had thought Hank might have to work on Friday and didn't bring extra they went home and returned on Friday, spending Friday night with us in the 2nd room of our suite...thanx Embassy are an amazing place to stay.

I always wonder why we get the best pillows when we are at some motel but then can't find them in stores. This trip I wised up, removed the pillow cases and protection cases and wrote down the tag info. Sure enough, when I got home there's a website dedicated to the exact pillows/linens used by whatever motel you stayed it.  You check them out by name/location.  There are great pillows and linens coming our way in 2012, I'll tell you!  PLUS...I got to go swimming, just Robert and I, at 6am Friday morning...and the hot tub was hotter than anything and I loved it...Robert didn't even go in.

Cody had never shopped Black Friday and so we spent long hours at the Polaris Mall.  Not necessarily buying...but sniffing and looking and eating...again...of course.  I bought 2 boxes of Cinnabons and we split them with Robert's Toolman blade.  Since then we were all gooey, we headed for BBW to wash our hands and sniff more fragrances.  The girls found some glittery cream and they sparkled all the day.  
 Can we ever imagine Wee Baby Robert being as tall as Long Tall Cody is...look, Rob barely comes up to Cody's knee.  wild!
Dawn wanted to get her rings cleaned so we went into one of the jewelers who graciously cleaned our rings. But of course, rings are my downfall and I had to drool over a few of them.  NONE however, matches the $5800 diamond ring I fell in love with at Paul Christopher's (Abood) in Playhouse Square. I still cannot believe I found a diamond ring I like when I don't really like diamonds...but let me assure you...I WANT that ring...and WANT it badly.  But NO...I am not spending $5800 on a ring...we haven't even paid that much for most of our cars. But it's always fun to think about. And truth be told,Robert who is not a jewelry person was the one to first see that ring.

Later, Robert, Dawn and I walked Old Powell.  What a lovely section of town..what incredible stores.  One antique place had a nickelodeon

and for a quarter we had an amazing concert that went on and on.  It was lovely.  There is also a diamond store on a corner and we spent a long while trying on jewelry and ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing.  The owner buys rings and gold...but some rings are best kept just as they come. There was this amazing opal ring, about 7 opals, handset in a lovely and large gold setting.  Very unique. No I did not buy it.

Home with very hurting feet (thanx heel spurs!) I stayed home with Hillary and baby Robert while the rest of the family enjoyed the pool.  It was quite for us, boisterous for them.  Then more food.  But once I got back to our suite...the rest and quiet was wonderful.

Saturday morning we all got up except for hank...and Robert and I got to swim again with baby Henry.  Apparently he enjoyed the pool with all the cousins more loudly but was happy to play with us alone as well.  We were just more quieter and he got all the attention. Over and over we'd put him on the edge and then pull him into the waters.

 Isn't this just sweet?...Miss Lily loving her baby brother?
 And how about this?  Our own Madonna with child.
 This is how Henry poses when you say smile and a camera is stinkin' adorable.
 Bishop Steve Nagel with Jordan and baby Robert
 Bishop Steve Nagle, Jordan, baby Robert, Robert, Ken, Hank, Candler...all stalwart men and brave.

All the cousins exept Henry...where did he get to?

The Barretts

 Team Kennedy with Baby Robert

 Robert and me with Baby the christening gown made for my grandfather, Richard James Holman by his if you didn't know this already.
 NHB with OHB
 Savannah, Candler, Colleen Eve (exceptional best friends) and NHB


Then it was dress in our Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and head back to Jordan/Hillary's. We all chipped in to make the house spotless for the big event. Saturday was the day chosen to bless baby Robert in his own home, with the bishop present and family/friends, and Jocelyn by phone.  Jordan announced an amazing blessing on this wee babe, and we rejoice in the fact he carries Robert's name.  While pictures were taken, more food was prepared and laid out.  And then it was time to start the departure.  We are blessed to have so many wonderful memories of the weekend, knowing how much in debt we are to the Lord for his Atonement as well as to the many men/women who have fought to give us this freedom, from the Pilgrims who instituted this Thanksgiving feast, down to our current righteously striving men, dutiful and equally righteously striving women.


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh, I love the pix of the boys in hats! hahaha

Kate said...

What a fun weekend! Glad you enjoyed your holiday so much!

Lin Floyd said...

looks like a perfect Mormon fun to have everyone dream one day but it will probably be at my!

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