Thursday, December 08, 2011


I have had a super experience on 2 levels.  I get to accompany the Dohanos elementary school children in their holidays program (tomorrow) lead by Mary Beth  who retires this year and there won't be as good a program after she leaves, no matter how hard the new teacher will try.  You should hear how she makes the congregation sing and all she's doing is being chorister in church. And I have been lucky enough to go in a couple of days to rehearse with them.  It is so much fun listening to their voices, hearing their songs...known and unknown to me, and seeing them attempt to behave.  And's got to be hard.  You are singing about Christmas or Hannakah or Kwansa and you are expected to be good, too?  Personally I thought they did a great job at rehearsals and can't wait to hear the finished performance tomorrow...but then again, I am not the teacher.

But today's big activity was going to Jill's class to again try and teach a class this:

 Can anyone guess what this is the start of?  Does anyone know.  I have a feeling my cousins and my kids know..and now 2 granddaughters know cuz I taught them this the day after Thanksgiving.  Well, it's the start of this:
These are what I refer to as Polish stars but if you look them up, you'll probably only find them called German stars.  And yes, I do know my Polish history....Poland has been a part of many countries. But because my grandmother taught me how to make these when I was like 5 or 6 (and that's no exaggeration), these will always be Polish stars to me.

I have to travel to Brunswick to the only place that I know of that sells these long strips of colored papers...Hollo Papercraft....Brunswick. And if you haven't been take a drive and enjoy this totally fun store...all about paper as well as other odds and ends and who doesn't need a bunch of odds and ends.

I am always sure the class is going to catch on quicker than they end up doing but this year, at least all the kids went home with one completed star.  I had told them we might get in 2 but that didn't happen.So I came home and made up a bunch, tied on a thread hanger and will take them back to the class tomorrow before the concert begins.

The fun with kids is that they all start out eager to learn this. Then they are all wanting individual attention and yes, they get it.

I am sure I blogged this before...but my grandmother taught me to make these stars the year she made them for my father's grave at Christmas time.  She dipped each one into melted parafin and we sprinkled glitter on them..and tied them to this very small tree which was taken to the grave.  I still marvel and how hard a time kids today have at doing crafts.  And I have to remember that not all parents take the time to play craft making with their kids.  So for me it was a delight that I cannot describe.  I always get mixed up when I start because I'm teach them backwards and inevitably have the paper turned in reverse...then must teach in reverse.  I am sure Jill was ready to send me packing today as I sorted out what was going wrong....and going out into the hall to figure it out.  Yet I come home and make 15 stars in a hour with no problem, no backwardism.  Go figured.

But thanx, Jill and Mary Beth, for letting me come and play with your kids. Thanks to my grandmother who initially taught me the stars.  Thanks to my cousins who I hope continue to make and to teach.  Do not miss the chance to show others how to make these stars.  Last Saturday i attended a baby shower for a sweet new mother-to-be and rather than a silly, typical bow, I made several of these stars in pink and white and strung them on the box.  They do make for a very pretty presentation.

How many days left before christmas?


Lin Floyd said...

fun craft and family story to go along with it...traditions

Dawn Mercedes said...

there is just not enough days for me...until christmas....

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