Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Old Year

So...2011 draws to a close and instead of saying happy NEW year I thought I'd bid a happy old year, fondly remembering it (especially since I haven't fallen nor broken anything this year).  It doesn't seem to be an old man, bent and gnarled.  Actually when I think of the new one, that's how I see it...stooped and wondering what will come. Perhaps we have it all backwards.

This morning I decided I needed the type of breakfast my mom always made for me when I was sick. Robert took one look at it and said it was definitely comfort food. She always called it Runny Eggs on Toast.  Now that Robert gave me a pair of PC's incredible silicon mitts (lined), it made taking the eggs out of the boiling water like child's play.  She always toasted the bread and then cut it into squares and the eggs were spooned out on the catsup...always the catsup.  The little quarter piece in the upper right corner is buttered and slathered with treacle (yes, Lyon's Golden Syrup).    Here's the instructions for really good boiled eggs:
    • 1
      Bring the eggs to room temperature before cooking. If you keep your eggs in the refrigerator, set the eggs you want to soft-boil on the counter for about 30 minutes before boiling. This lessens the chance that the eggs will crack when they hit the boiling water.
    • 2
      Bring a pot of water to boiling on the stove while the eggs are warming up to room temperature.
    • 3
      Boil a medium-size egg for three minutes. Set a timer when you place the eggs in the boiling water. Remove when the timer goes off.
    • 4
      Boil large eggs for four minutes. Add an additional minute for extra large eggs.
    • 5
      Remove the egg from the water and run it under cold water for at least 30 seconds to prevent further residual cooking.

And I must say I was thoroughly comforted!  But this will be the last picture you will my mom's Danish Modern silverware.  NHB gave us an amazing set of silverware, service for 8.  I cannot wait to use them but I will be cleaning out the silverware drawer tonight before tucking them into our lives.  It was a great gift for Christmas as were all my gifts:  I love popcorn but only in the theaters so Dawn's family gave us a theater style popcorn popper with ingredients/oils/salts to make it complete.  Team Kennedy decided when we go to the YMCA (why is there no YWCA anymore) we need to clock ourselves to be certain we are stressing out our bodies enough so we now have watches that swim with us and record everything.  Need to read the manual first to see how this all works....even when we swim.  Jocelyn found a necklace from Etsy that resembles a watch but isn't one but it has the working pieces like I so enjoyed in Hugo.  And M2T2 provided us with so much...wonderful lined rubber tall boots for Robert (he's been using the ones Jordan used since he was in middle school) and I got a pie bird which I already posted (having broken the one Sophia gave me decades ago) a book on how to explore the world in order to become more creative as well as a shopping spree at Kohls.  Very cool...almost went today but then decided to go on Monday when the party goers were not.

We spent the middle of the day with M2T2, moving an exercise machine to their basement, chatting, and then they took us to lunch at the Diner on some street...can't recall. It was crowded and fun and the food was excellent.

Actually we've had a lot of great food,  Before M2T2 went to Texas for Christmas they invited us to dinner and we hit Dadonnas.  Whle in PA with the Christensens we ate at a lovely old train depot...great food, super ribs (and I am still and always will be a ribs sorta girl). Also, Jocelyn made 2 really good items...check out her blog for the gingerbread pancakes as well as the Bean/Corn dip (which I ate until I think I was a bean! and While Skyping with Miss Lily and have her serve us 'pizza' from the wood set we gave her, Robert was 'inspired' to get us Stella's pizza. That was a treat.  Yesterday we were with the NHB and got burgers and fries from a Cbus place. We had our annual holiday nibbles with the Barlows and came home with a baggie of their amazing fudge.

I we try out new places more often during a holiday, or when the kids are grown and gone from the home because we have more available cash, or do we just think we do?  Do we enjoy food more during the holidays, any holiday? For me, it's any reason at all for fun, food and friends.

So Happy Old Year to all of you who made mine so delightful. Thanks for the gifts of understanding and love and companionship.  Thanks for books to read and share and study.  Let's see what 2012 brings us to.  Love to all.....

PS. a few moments have passed...I have washed and dried the new silverware, and the drawer and the container...looks good...and I decided another of my 2012 goals is to work on one drawer every day...toss out the junk, file away the good, and become more organized before this time next year.  My other goal, which I have to write down because a goal is not a goal unless it is written down, is to sort through my mom's photos of which there are thousands, label them, scan them, and then get a Creative Memory book made out of them, adding to them the stories I know.

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Lin Floyd said...

great gifts...this year my husband treated me to the 12 days of Christmas by eating out 12 times...doesn't help with weight gain but it was fun! your goals sound doable...Happy New Year!

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