Saturday, November 19, 2011

today's date

I used to have this date firmly planted in my head but over the years, forgot.....til last night. I was talking with Jill and suddenly the dates all came back to me, probably because of the dates' associations with the days. In 1966, Saturday, November 19, I was in a car accident (and for the record I was not driving). I was awake on Wednesday the 23rd and mad on the 24th, Thanksgiving...because all I got was a little cup of jello and not the full turkey dinner that my obnoxious roommate had and was exclaiming over with every bite. Not to mention the smell of a real Thanksgiving meal, even tho not mine, was enough to bring my already broken body to tears altho I know the tears would have been there no matter what.

As I said to Jill, I don't think I was giving thanks that year for being alive but all the way down here in 2011, I guess I really ought to be grateful that I am still here, 45 years later. I know my family expressed their gratitude as well during that time. I just don't think I did.

So today, as I head into the Thanksgiving week, I have added this one more item to my list. Thinking of Roger and how he always had a list of grateful things. But this year, this one will be #1.

PS...due to requests concerning the car's the short of a very long story.  No need to read this if you might be bothered.

Night out with the girls in high school.  My friend Judy was driving the two of us, with others in another car behind us. Judy had a know...the car that created the reason for "Unsafe at Any Speed...Ralph Nadar:"  We were coming home and altho I have no memory of the accident, I was told the car started to speed up and Judy couldn't control it.  The driving something or other had snapped between the wheels and the steering and whatever.  Judy threw herself out of the car and got a broken leg.  I apparently tried to steer the car which ended up driving full speed into a telephone pole, split the pole into thirds.  The only thing that saved me and the car was the Judy's dad had put a huge and heavy toolbox right up against the dashboard in the trunk which was in front of the car, not in the rear.  My head got stuck in the steering wheel and if you are old enough to remember when there was the steering wheel your hands placed on and a shiny silver ring that was the horn...that's where my head was stuck...between the two rings.  Ripped up my face, lost my spleen, ribs all broken, and blood clots on my spine.  Fear was I wouldn't walk but that didn't happen.  Face doesn't look too badly.  Ribs were crooked but fine.  Appendix taken out with spleen.  My biggest 'mad'?  I don't have pierced earrings but I had this great pair that looked like it, and my wonderful coat that I loved.  And a suit that was amazing.  And the first (and last) time  I put my hair up into a french twist and it worked.  All bloodied and/or cut off.  I still get upset over the clothing I lost!

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Lin Floyd said...

I've never heard your accident story-do tell.

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