Saturday, November 05, 2011

Tea Cups

Do you remember this picture?

From this link on my blog dated July 24, 2010?

Well, here's another one of my heroes and another picture or two. This is Carol and she is truly amazing. She's raise a family full of girls and one boy, like me. She holds fast to her faith and her beliefs. We seem to have a lot of the same ideas about raising children, young and adults.

Carol was put through a wringer a while back but has come out on top. Perhaps stronger for the battle. But as with life, we are never without pain. Recently her mom went on to enjoy a life hereafter. Carol talked often about this amazing mother of hers who up until recently was riding a bike around her town. She was quite the whippersnapper, sharp in so many ways. When she departed from this earth she left Carol her collection of fine china tea cups. Not a pair in the bunch. But the sort you'd set a lovely table with for a 'tea' with dainty finger sandwiches and tiny cookies.

I went to visit Carol a couple weeks back and she showered me with the pick of her mom's cups so I could drink my Postum in style. I couldn't decide, didn't care decide, but said (and it's true) that it would be more special for Carol to pick one for me. Carole had already had one in mind and it included a dessert plate. Now I can have my Postum with some toast and jelly on a cold, wintry day. Look how lovely the design is carried into the inside of the cup! And Lovely English Bone China called "Garland".

This set is just as graceful as Carol. There are lovely things all throughout Carol's home. This last time visiting her, we were in a side room, maybe a study...but suddenly I looked up and there on the wall were BE-U-tiful line drawings of each of their homes. I think I'll ask Marissa to do this for me IF I could find a picture of each of our homes. But we had a great discussion on the various homes she and her family have lived and how they loved each one, no matter the size or the condition....Just how they all learned to love and made do and BE. It was a great discussion. I admire Carol's love of beauty and how she always welcomes me into her home. I never need to call and ask, "Can I come?" Every hour is a good hour and the HOURS we spend together are the best.

So I rearranged the hutch to highlight the few cups/saucers I own. This cup has the same pattern of my favorite dish (there was only one left from my childhood but I still have it). Eggshell Nautilus and it has lovely blue forget-me-nots within the flowers and leaves. I think I have blogged about this one plate previously and how I went to eBay and purchased 3 more plates and 4 cups/saucers to match. I think it's time Robert and I use them some Sunday.

Last is a cup/saucer from my godmother. She had this lovely set of dishes and goldware and without any family left except me, she was sad that it would just get tossed out, because who would want it. I immediately, declared, "I would. I would." And I did, and I do. So next time we got together, she had them all wrapped up and waiting for me. I am touched by her love and generosity and forever it will remind me that I had incredible godparents who lived up to their roles. They have always been there for me.

So those are my treasures in cup/saucer-wares. I cannot wait for Postum time. I will be a regal old woman, enjoying a warm drink to warm my heart and soul, filled with memories.

I have wonderful heroes....Lynette, Carol, my mom, and Patsy. It is always good to have friends who know how to live correctly and serve, just as one would serve an elegant 'tea'.

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Fun stories...brew some up tonight! You said it was chilly! xoxo

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